Friday, 11 December 2009

My Package Arrived!!

A little while ago I was lucky enough to win a sweet giveaway being run by A Piece of Wood - my first win :-) - and the package arrived a couple of days ago. I'd forgotten that APOW said she'd include a couple of extras so imagine my surprise when I found these inside. The giveaway was for a handmade card and you can see it here; it's a lovely simple design effectively show-cased on red card. The 'extras' consisted of a Breast Cancer charity pin and a plain calico shopping tote. The pin is quite poignent as my mother has recently recovered from breast cancer. The bag will come in very handy in these days of trying not to use plastic bags. If you're in the UK, are you covered in a blanket of fog today too? Isn't it dreary! Such a difference from the sunny skies of yesterday. I was hoping we were in for a stretch of cold, crisp, sunny winter.

Here's the progress on fingerless mittens no 2. No more than when I mentioned it previously! I still don't know if they're going to be a wearable size.
This weekend is the last practice for our Sing Hallelujah which is taking place next Friday as part of a concert involving the school children, with lots of other items of which I don't have details yet. I do, however, know that I was asked a few weeks ago to sing 'How Beautiful are the Feet' which is also from The Messiah. I wasn't at home when I was called to see if I agreed, so don't know yet whether I've been included. I don't really know if I'm up to it, so I'm hoping I can have a practise this weekend too. The pitch may need to be lowered a little for me though as it's quite high.
Have a great weekend
Bye for now
Teresa x


Lis said...

What a lovely giveaway and I'm glad to hear your mum is recovering from breast cancer. Thanks for following my blog. Have a happy Christmas, Lis x

apieceofwood said...

Glad it arrived ok.. just sorry there wasn't more in there. Great news about your Mum.. x