Thursday, 10 December 2009

Lost My Appetite for Christmas

The boxes of decorations were brought down from the loft last weekend and, although they haven't been put up properly yet, I dug out a few things that didn't need any effort to display.
This little Nativity group was bought last year while in Cowbridge on one of my shopping/lunch/meet-ups with a friend. We went to a nice tapas bar for lunch if I remember correctly. I think I bought this little gold wire tree last year too but can't remember where from.
I bought this painted, wooden hanging 'noel' a couple of weeks ago from here, and I've just realised it was also while shopping with the same friend! I think she may be a bad influence on me - making me buy things (although I don't need much encouragement!!).

When I say I've lost my appetite for Christmas, I don't mean I've gone off the Festive Season. Certainly not! What I mean is that at this time of year, around November/December, my appetite for food decreases. It's happened every year for about the last 10 years and I've no idea why. Normally, I can eat any time, anywhere although I do try to keep some control! Before this started happening I would never have thought I could have a rumbling tummy and not think of anything I fancied eating. At times like these I eat what I fancy, when I fancy it, because I can lose weight otherwise (which I don't want to do!). It also helps me to understand how slim people can truthfully say, 'I eat what I want and don't put on weight; it's because what they want to eat isn't the same as the rest of us. The first time it happened I lost a stone (but I was heavier at the time and needed to lose some weight) and it's varied between half a stone and a couple of pounds since then. There's no need to worry though because my appetite returns sometime in the New Year and remains 'normal' until the next Christmas season.
Anyway, I feel perfectly fine in myself and not having to worry too much about putting on weight over the holiday period is a bonus!!
Bye for now
Teresa x


apieceofwood said...

Our house is devoid from decorations this year...

Little Green Doll said...

The little Nativity is so sweet! You are quite lucky that you lose your appetite for Christmas (as long as you recover it, of course!)... in my case it's after Christmas, but it's because I've eaten so much during the festivities! ;)

Peach Rainbow said...

i think losing your appetite during the festive season, would make everyone envy you!
even though you'll be missing all those special holiday food ;)

A Time for Stitching said...

Thank you all for your comments. I do feel as though I'm missing out. Normally, I love food and eating but it's not even very enjoyable at the moment.
Peach Rainbow - I have your parcel ready for sending to your BIL tomorrow!!

Peach Rainbow said...

Thank You, you are so sweet!