Friday, 8 January 2010

Are You Sick of Snow Yet?

I may as well join the bandwagon and show the latest snow dump in my lane since it's the reason for me being off work today and Wednesday and resulted in a couple of the photos in this post.

Most of the snow has fallen off this tree now but it looked quite dramatic for a while.
This is the skin care set I won in an online competition and said a few posts ago that I would show. When it turned up in the post I'd forgotton about it so it was like having an extra surprise Christmas present!
Talking of which, here are some of my actual presents. A Country Living tea set that a friend bought for me to go in my 'shed', a lovely After the Rain toiletry set and a pair of pyjamas that I am going to save for when I go away for my singing weekend in March.

I used some of the bonus time off work to do some baking. I had a couple of bananas that were too ripe to eat so made a cake with them. I've made banana cake before but not been very happy with it so I went searching my son's cook books and found a recipe in this one which turned out lovely and tasty. I enjoyed a slice spread with butter for an afternoon snack with peppermint tea in my new pot/cup.

While the cake was baking I whipped up a quick batch of Breakfast Bars for my OH and DS's lunch boxes. Here they are on my new spotty cake stand.

The time off work also meant I was able to do some cleaning, decluttering and ironing and will now leave me more time at the weekend to DO SOME STITCHING!!!! Hopefully, there'll be something to show after this weekend.
Singing lesson and quilting day were both cancelled this week because of the weather so I've not really had a chance to get back into a normal routine following the Christmas break yet. We now have only 3 singing lessons left before our concert at the end of January which is slightly worrying, especially considering the mess I made of my last performance in December.
I haven't mentioned how I did before because I cringe every time I think about it. I was soooooooooo nervous I could hear my voice shaking and you'd think I would remember to breathe after 46 years!!! So, as you can imagine, I have mixed feelings about the next time!
Bye for now.
Teresa x


wayside wanderer said...

It isn't possible that I would get sick of snow. I love your snow picture! And it looks like you have been pampered with some really nice just-for-you sort of gifts. I love your red accessories! I don't sing well at all so I admire anyone with the gift...shaky or otherwise. You will do great! :)

A Time for Stitching said...

Thank you for your comment WW and the encouragement.

I didn't used to like red much but I seem to be accumulating more of it lately. I certainly never wear red clothes of any kind! Maybe if I did while singing it would give me some subliminal confidence. :-)
Teresa x

Peach Rainbow said...

I may sound strange, but i love the snow! may be because we have never had it here :( and have had no bad experience with it.
Also i love photos of snow covered trees, houses and roads, though i can imagine the difficulties faced by the people living in those countries.
BTW congrats on your winning and being able to do some baking & cleaning!
waiting to see your sewing projects!

And thanks again for the photos of SNOW, would love to see more!