Monday, 11 January 2010

Lovely Stitching Time!!

Getting the housework out of the way last week on the 2 unexpected 'snow days' off, has meant that I was able to get a little more stitching than usual done on the weekend. It's nowhere near as much as some people seem to get done in blogland (I don't know how they do it!) but it's quite a lot for me. I finished these 2 blocks for my quilt-as-you-go quilt. You may remember that I'm trying to do 2 versions of each design that we are given at the monthly quilting club. This design is a variation on the 'drunkard's path'. They'll now be added to the pile that is waiting to be quilted. I had no specific plan for the quilt that will result from these blocks so it's anybody's guess as to what it will turn out like. I've tried to keep to the same sort of colours but, as I'm trying to only use thrifted fabric, it hasn't been easy. I may have to buy some new for sashings and backing but I'm not sure yet.

I recently had a session to prepare more hexagons for my handstitched quilt. I wanted to add the dark blue border to see what the overall effect would be. I have plenty prepared now so I can pick it up any time I have a spare moment. This is also a random see-what-it turns-out-like method. I think it's exciting to muddle along and then be pleasantly surprised at the result. If you have no great expectations you won't be disappointed!

Now that I have a quilting hoop I can get on with quilting the blocks that are already prepared, when I have a spare half hour or more. I also need to go back over the ones that are quilted and add more if I don't think it's enough. I was a complete beginner when I started these and, now that I have more idea of what I'm doing, I need to take another look at them.

I'm happy now that I have a couple of tasks I can pick up when I feel like it (which is most of the time!). If I have any bigger chunks of time available I want to try and use some of my stash for any one of the ideas occupying my head. It would be good to start and finish a project all in one session. I can't remember having ever done that!
Bye for now
Teresa x


Peach Rainbow said...

Seems like you have managed to maximize your time, Yay!
I was waiting to see your projects, they look beautiful, i also once started a hexagon place mat and joined the pieces together but couldn't complete it with a backing *sigh*!
may be i'll be inspired by you to finish it!

Thanks for sharing!

warm said...

I love the hexagons making a honeycomb in your quilt.The colors are rightly and nicely chosen I am sure it will come to a lovely end soon.

Little Green Doll said...

It has been so nice to see the pictures with the snow! Here in Barcelona no snow at all! I like a lot the colors of your quilt-as-you-go quilt. All these hexagons mean a lot of work!!! It looks really nice!

Knot Garden said...

I was very interested to see your hexagon piecing. I have been thinking about making something in hexagons for a while now. Yours are so smooth and evenly joined.
Thanks for stopping by my blog - you asked about the Fair Isle, no I don't hold one strand with each hand although I would love to be able to do it that way. I just drop one strand then pick up the other and go along the row like that. Not perfect but good enough ;)
Your snow pictures are very pretty, our snow is looking a bit grey and slushy now.
Best wishes

wayside wanderer said...

Very pretty! I want to learn to quilt one of these days. Some of my most special possessions are all the quilts my mom has made for me.

Gina said...

Hi Teresa

where exactly in Wales are you. The photos look familiar but I can't quite place them.
I haven't been able to answer any of your comments as you come up no reply in the email.

Love and hugs Gina ( quilting in the valleys) xxx