Friday, 15 January 2010

Snow and Show

I want to start off today by stating the obvious; which is 'that it's great to get comments' on my blog posts. Many bloggers before me have known this for a long time but I didn't realise how great it was until it started happening to me!! Therefore, I want to thank all you lovely ladies who've been commenting and say that I appreciate every one. Anyone who is just lurking is also very welcome, and maybe one day you will introduce yourself.

A couple of people have said they love the snow pictures and want to see more so here are a few I took on Wednesday (another snow day off work). This is my 'shed' in the garden.

The garden gate outlined in snow! The road is behind it so you can see why I didn't get to work. Only 4x4's managed the hill!!
A snowman built on the garden wall by my son. He added a bit more detail after this but it began to snow heavily so I went back inside to the warm. He also removed the lump on the side of the head! By the morning it was leaning back against the wall of the house. By this morning it was just a pair of trousers on the wall and a head on the road!!!
I had a comment from
Knot Garden the other day about my hexagons being 'smooth and evenly joined'. So I'd just like to add a little tip here to explain how this might be. You may already do this, but I press each separate hex before starting to sew together. This gives them a sharper edge and flattens them out so the middle isn't bunched up. I have to confess though that I didn't press the dark blue hexes in my haste to get going with it.
Knot Garden showed a lovely fair-isle hot water bottle cover she was knitting on her blog and it reminded me about this one that I knitted last year. Despite the freezing temperatures we've only used it once this year so far. I may be making more use of it when my OH goes skiing in a couple of weeks!
I mentioned in my last post that I had no idea what my quilt-as-you-go quilt is going to look like so, when I was sorting out what still had to be done with the blocks, I thought I'd lay them out to get some idea of what the overall effect will be. Here are many of them laid out on the bed. They won't be in this arrangement but I'm quite pleased with the effect. One thing I'm not sure of yet is whether to use a light or dark sashing between the blocks. This is what it will look like with a light colour because the wadding is showing around the edges.
It looks like it's going to be a wet weekend ahead here in the UK but much milder. There's not too much planned as yet except for a meal out to celebrate a friend's birthday on Saturday evening. Hope you have a good one!
Bye for now
Teresa x


Peach Rainbow said...

Yeah, i can understand how you are feeling, as i also got to experience the feeling of reading "the first" comment, thanks to YOU!

And Thank you so much for the photos!
You are so sweet!

wayside wanderer said...

What a great snowman and I love your garden gate. Your quilt is beautiful. I hope you enjoy a restful weekend!