Monday, 1 February 2010

A New Business, A Giveaway and An Update

As it's the first of a new month and my DD's birthday, it seems a good time to mention the new business she started this year. DD loves working with animals and has worked in a variety of postions for other people but it was always her dream to work for herself so when she was made redundant last year she took the plunge and started researching. I'm very proud of all the hard work she's put in so far and her efforts are now being rewarded as she's beginning to get customers calling. I've done all I can to help and advise and many other relatives and friends are spreading the word for her. She's got a van and all the equipment she needs and has even set herself up a website. I doubt very much if there's anyone visiting this blog from her area (Pontypool/Cwmbran - Wales) but just in case why not click here and take a look.

The lovely Lis over at Online Quilting is hosting a giveaway to celebrate her 100th post, which I know from experience is quite an acheivement, so pop on over and enter if you fancy winning some lovely quilty things from New Zealand.

Well, my DD is following her dream but it looks like it may be a little while before I can slow down and begin living the way I want to. I've just negotiated a new contract at work for 2010 so I need to update my profile to reflect that (it says my contract was supposed to finish Oct 2009). It may also mean travelling a further 20 minutes from home each day in a few months time.
It's time for an update on my simple living efforts so here's just a quick summary for December/January:
Spending on groceries seems to have reached a plateau and I don't think it will reduce any futher until I can find time to plan my menus. Overall spending for December was not very different from other months despite the inevitable Christmas expenses and January was very low (about half of normal) which I'm very pleased about.
A lot of home cooking/baking and sewing was done during December (mostly for presents) and the usual cakes and bread were made during January.
Passive/low cost earnings was £30.31 for the two months but I'm sorry to say that none of the books I listed on Green Metropolis has been sold. I'm hoping to put some items on ebay soon so that will hopefully increase this fund.
Oh, and in case you're interested - the first photo is a little something I'm working on and the other one is one of the blocks for my quilt-as-you-go quilt that I finished yesterday.
Bye for now
Teresa x


Lis said...

Thanks for sharing my giveaway Teresa and good luck when I draw it. I think you're progressing very well in living the simple life, I love reading about what you do. Living more simply makes us appreciate what's really important I think.

wayside wanderer said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. I had a peek at her website and I hope her business is successful. I hope you have a great week. I love seeing your quilting projects!