Friday, 23 April 2010

A Pre-Party Party!

Since her pet care business has not yet built up enough to give a decent income, my daughter has taken on a Body Shop home party business too. Yesterday, I hosted her first party in 'The Shed', which happens to have more room to sit people than our sitting room!! Everyone arrived and sat in the house chatting but were a little curious as to why there was no evidence of a party in sight. I then explained that they were going to be priviliged to be the first people to make use of 'The Shed' (which, once they saw it, they insisted on calling The Chalet!). My other group of friends who will be attending the Shed Warming Party on 2nd May are a bit miffed that they've been beaten to it!
The light wasn't brilliant for photos but here are a couple to give an idea. I covered my materials (junk) with table cloths and added a few more cushions (after taking this photo - duh!) to make it comfortable and put up a few quilt block to brighten up the walls (they won't be staying there). DD did really well and I was very proud of the way she presented herself. I don't often get to see her interact with people she doesn't know very well on a professional basis and she came across as confident and knowledgeable. We got enough orders for me to have £25 of free products but I let DD choose some to add to her stock of demo products or raffle prizes instead.
Half way through the party we paused for tea and cakes. Oaty, chocolate cookies and vanilla, fudge muffins (the muffins made only half an hour before people arrived).
It was a fun and successful first party with one friend asking to host one at her house too.
I hope to have some stitching news next time and my giveaway is still running until the end of the month.
Bye for now
Teresa x
P.S. I've been challenged by a friend at work to learn a simple tune on the clarinet by next Tuesday (when she's next in the office) so watch this space!!! Gulp!


wayside wanderer said... know you can learn the song! You can do it! What will the song be?

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, I like chalet, too! It is so cute and cozy! So glad your party was successful and I hope it really starts something good for your daughter. And could you pass one of those delicious looking cookies please? Yum!!!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

mmm yummi cakes.
good luck for your girl.
best wishes.

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely :) I'm glad it was a success