Monday, 26 April 2010

Uphill Climbing.

On Friday evening my OH announced that the following morning we were going to go to Monmmouth and climb The Kymin. I had a coffee morning to go to but I didn't protest too much because I knew I had to get some practice/training in for the BBMC on May 15th which is fast approaching.
We set off from the car park in town and walked to the base of the hill where the climb starts on this wooded path.
Then out onto the road for a little while (sorry about the dark photos, I was taking them into the sun and don't know how to adjust for this. If you look at them from above or tilt your screen forward they are a little clearer.)

More paths through the woods.

Waiting for my OH to catch up.....ha ha, the other way around more likely!!

Up a hilly field.

Then through a couple more fields and another wood to the top. It was a gorgeous day but the view was a bit hazy.

This is the roundhouse on the summit.

And this is the older temple.

Which has unfortunately been damaged by the snow and frost over the winter.

On the journey back down I took more notice of the plants and flowers that were in abundance .
A carpet of wild garlic.

I had wild garlic in my veg delivery this week and there it was spread out over the hill, but we're not allowed to pick wild plants!
There were many different woodland flowers but I'm afraid I'm not that hot on identifying them.
Celendines (I think).
Bluebells amongst the ivy.

Wood anemones (I think)
And another purple one I don't know the name of. I didn't get a photo of my favourites - the forget-me-nots.
I did get to the coffee morning, by the way, which was held to raise money for the flower festival the church is organising later in the year. I arrived just in time for the raffle which they postponed for a few minutes to allow me to buy tickets, while someone went to the kitchen to make me a very welcome coffee. And, what do you know, I won a prize (I chose a Body Shop gift set which I've given to my DD to use for her parties).
No stitching progress worth showing, I'm afraid. I have, however, decided to give the pincushion I've started to my mother for her birthday in May if it turns out ok, so I'll have to make another one for myself now!!
Oh, and I nearly forgot. I managed to get half an hour on Saturday to get a tune out of my clarinet. Maybe I haven't got the technique right yet, but it takes an awful lot of puff and I can't manage many notes in a row before having to breathe. But it's a start, and I learned 4 notes!!
Bye for now
Teresa x


Peach Rainbow said...

Thanks for the photos, lovely flowers!

Gina said...

looks like a great walk. the last flower photo is sweet/wild Violets I think

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

its beautiful !
you look pretty.
I like the first picture.

wayside wanderer said...

Such lovely countryside and what a great view! I would love to take a walk there. And the flowers are so cheerful and pretty. And no snakes! Must be close to paradise. :)

Little Green Doll said...

What a beautiful trip!

Kelly Fletcher said...

What a great place to walk...