Thursday, 27 May 2010

Everything in the Garden is Lovely!

The weather is still holding up, but last weekend it was absolutely amazing and (dare I say it?) a little too hot at times! I'm not averse to a nice bit of sunshine but when the temperature rises by 20 degrees overnight there's no time to acclimatise. I made the most of the gorgeous light to take a few pics around the garden.
A newly planted bed next to the shed. There are even a few beetroot beginning to pop up in here too.
Potatoes and onions. Strawberries
Carrots, spring onions and other veg that I've forgotten (OH planted it all - not me!)

and rhubarb (lots and lots of rhubarb).
OH picked some for my mother (down the road), my auntie (up the road) and gave some to the Avon lady because she happened to pop by at the same time.
He also picked some for us which is now cooked and frozen.
It was perfect weather for drying the washing. The sky was a fabulous dark shade of blue with not a single cloud all day.
On Sunday afternoon OH and I went for a bike ride with another couple along the shady river path to Symonds Yat.
25 minutes there, 25 minutes pit-stop, 25 minutes back.

I also managed to finish this chef's hat that I showed cut out in my last post. It's for my nephews birthday next week. I'm giving it to him along with a packet of muffin mix and some cake cases to see if he takes an interest in cooking like my DS who is very kindly modelling it for me here.
And last but definitely not least I must mention this lovely Sweet Blog award that was given to me by Marivel from Cristali Designs. If you haven't come across her blog before do pop over for a gander. She makes such beautiful things. I think I'm supposed to pass it on to 3 people but it would be unfair to single out anyone when I don't have many followers and you are all so sweet. Therefore, anyone reading this can consider themselves a Sweet Blogger and you are welcome to pass it on if you so wish.

Bye for now
Teresa x


Lis said...

Mmmm, love rhubarb and yours looks yummy. We also had a very warm weekend but now it's a lot chillier, but still dry.

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

Hello: wow,Teresa,wonderful garden;looks marvelous.
I love vegetables,too.
Great work!!
I have received your package;I am so happy.Thank you very much.

Tracey said...

your garden looks fabulous - I do love ruhbarb! Enjoy your summer