Monday, 24 May 2010

Still going after all these years!

Just a quick post today to say 'Hi' and show you this photo which was is over 30 years old!

It's my church choir when it was made up of children (as opposed to the women it consists of now). We're singing at a Mother's Union Deanery service tonight so I thought I'd take it along to show the current members. Sadly, all of the gentlemen pictured are passed away, as is one of the children (my brother, Peter, first row far right). He died in a motorcycle accident at 18, 25 years ago and exactly one week before my wedding. I was quite protective of my younger siblings and when I saw this photo again recently I wanted to take my brother into the vestry and get him a longer cassock! We were always the last to arrive for church and had to take what was left whether it fitted or not. I should point out the rest of the family to you - I am in the 2nd row, far left with long hair, youngest sister is 2nd from right front row next to Peter, middle sister is in front of me and big brother is 2nd from right back row.
I've got photos from the lovely sunny, hot, clear blue weekend but I'm afraid I haven't loaded them yet but I'll catch up with you soon.
Bye for now
Teresa x