Saturday, 26 June 2010

Produce (n) and Produce (v)

Here's some 'produce' from the garden which is starting to supply us very well now. Lettuce, beetroot radishes and strawberries. We've also had a few potatoes with lots more to come! The cherries in the dishes with the strawberries are from a tree at my OH's work place.

And here's what I've managed to 'produce' recently (although nothing is finished).-
Above and below are the 2 blocks that were missing when I put them all together at my club the other week. Once the block above is put together I'll have lots of quilting to do to get to a stage where I can start joining them up.

Finally, another little something I've started which was turning over in my mind for a while. The half-square triangles are cut-offs from making a previous block, that I kept to use instead of discarding (the cream ones are mine, the green ones were given to me by another quilter). As you can see, I've so far joined them in squares which measure 3" and will use the purple/flowery background to make squares to go between them. Then, I'll see what it looks like before deciding on the next stage.
I've written myself a list of jobs I need to get done this weekend. I did the same thing a few months ago and managed to do all except one thing on my list which I was pleased with. I haven't, however, included the fact that OH wants to go shopping in Cardiff today and I'm running/jogging the Race for Life on tomorrow so time will tell what gets done.
Bye for now
Teresa x


mary said...

I am very envious of the produce!
This is the first year in a long time that I have tried to grow my own veg and I was a bit late with planting!

Good Luck in the race for life!

wayside wanderer said...

Your quilt blocks are beautiful and I am so jealous of your garden produce. Yum!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

I love your garden and produce.
I like your quilt !!
I think you are so busy.
Have a nice day.

Lavender hearts said...

The ones I bought were a 12, but because of my 'assets' ;-) I can also get away with 14. The other day I bought a really gorgeous size 18 dress and it took me 10 minutes in front of the football to shorten the straps and take the sides in. Well worth doing if you see a really expensive dress in the CS.