Friday, 13 August 2010

Random Ramblings!

The new Blogger in Draft has some useful additions (especially for someone as Blogologically challenged as me).  The more realistic looking preview is nice but what I like most are the new photo uploading method and the easily accessible Stats.  The photos are now attached in the order in which I load them and I can see a little preview to make sure they're the ones I want.  On the Stats page I saw recently that someone had searched for 'how-to-find-time-to-stitch' and ended up on my blog.  How disappointed they must have been. They won't have found much help with that here!!  In fact, I think I might do a search on that myself :-)

 Look at what I found in the kitchen at work with a note attached saying 'Free to a Good Home'!! 
 This is where I spent part of my evening yesterday (well, half an hour of it anyway).  It's what our friends jokingly refer to as our 'gym' - in the same way as they call my shed the 'studio'.  My OH bought this treadmill recently and, as we were waiting for delivery, he painted the walls and floor of our outside yard to accommodate it (there's a roof too so it's not completely open to the elements, but it's going to be a tad chilly in the winter).  I think the old lockers he brought home and painted add an authentic touch - they're not there to store our gym gear though.  Oh no.....they're for storing recycling and home made preserves but don't tell anyone, it spoils the illusion!!
I've done a little stitching (or preparation for it) in one way or another every evening this week but I've not got anything interesting enough to show for it.  I don't want to be one of those bloggers that takes a picture of every square I cut out or every row I knit until you're almost fed up with the finished item before you see it.

Bye for now
Teresa x


John'aLee said...

I love your header about finding time to stitch! If we could just somehow figure out how to do it every day...wouldn't we all be oh so happy!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Elisabeth said...

Those pictures your father paint are lovely. I realy like them.
Looking forward to see what you are stitching:-) Don´t forget to let us know if you find ´how-to-find-time-to stitch´


wayside wanderer said...

Oh, I really like the look of the lockers. Those are neat. I hope you enjoy your treadmill. I recently moved one of our bike's back in the house (smack dab in the middle of the living room) so I can be getting some exercise while reading.

Love the pastels! Those are special. I have a picture my mom painted (oils) on my living room wall. It is one of my favorites.