Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Concert and A Ceilidh!

This blog should be called "My Weekend Diary" or something similar because that's what it's turning out to be mostly about.  Never mind, I'll keep plodding on with it and let it take me wherever it leads!
I had the day off work on Friday to prepare for our concert in the evening.  Rehearsals (with an accompanist none of us had met before) began at 4pm and I have to say, if anything could have gone wrong, it did!! None of us got through a song without a mistake and, in some cases, lots of  mistakes!!  This didn't do anything to help our nervousness and there was no time to try again.  The performance went much better but mostly because we kept valiantly singing through the mistakes and hoped they weren't noticed.  At the end we sang A Clare Benedition and We'll Keep a Welcome to our teacher and there was more than one tearful eye when we finished. Who knows what's going to happen now - Craig says he'll choose us a few songs to work on then come back sometime in September to coach us but even that will eventually fizzle out and we'll have to make a decision!!
Isn't this a fantasic view!!!! As soon as I uploaded it I had to make it my Desktop image.  It's such a relaxing scene to look at.  Do you see the white farmhouse just above the third post on the right?  We are on our way there to a Church Ceilidh and Hog Roast in a barn.

I was a little late and the dancing was well under way when I got there.  Before I had chance to join them we were called to the marquee for supper and unfortunately I didn't get to dance at all because I had to leave (with my Mum, Dad and Auntie) before it started again, to go to my niece's 21st birthday party.  It was a shame that they clashed on the same evening as we couldn't really do justice to either event.

The weekend also saw me getting a routine eye test and as a result I am on the slippery slope to grannydom!  Only joking!  I don't mind really, but I agreed to get glasses for driving (for safety really) as I have one short-sighted eye and one long-sighted eye.  I relied on the receptionist to choose a style for me as I haven't got a clue, and as I'll probably just keep them in the car I don't mind too much what they look like.  I've a pair at home that I bought for about £3.99, with very slight magnification, to wear when I'm sewing or knitting in poor light, but for everyday activities I'm fine without them.
I'll finish today with big thank yous for all the amazing comments you've been sending me.  I am astounded by the connections I've made here and love the fact that some of you overseas readers are learning new things from me (and me from you)!!  It makes it more 'real' to hear about these things from actual lives than to read it in books or see it on TV!!

Bye for now
Teresa x


wayside wanderer said...

Your comment about grannydom made me laugh out loud! I am right there with you. I told my husband that this is the summer that really marked my settling into middle age by learning to knit and having more than one hummingbird feeder outside. I have some glasses (we call them cheaters) that i bought at the drug store and they sure help especially with knitting.

I didn't know you could have two different eyes like you do, but I have one daughter who only needs correction in only one eye so she wears one contact. I teased her about getting her a monocle. It would fit with her fun and funky personality & sense of style especially if it was bejeweled but she just scowled at the idea.

I love hearing about your weekends. Mine are quite boring compared to yours. :)

John'aLee said...

Awww...the dancing looks fun!

I'm glad to know someone else is dealing with the 'tattoo' issue! I hear you on not wanting one for myself!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.