Friday, 6 August 2010

"A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me"?

First, I want to say what a fantastic show we saw on Monday.  Les Miserables is an amazing feat for all the performers and backstage crew.  Everything about it was stunning from the singing and acting to the many, many scene changes (so smoothly done) to the costumes and music. We thoroughly enjoyed it and would happily watch it over again (if it didn't cost so much!) as many people do.
Now, to the subject for today. As I sat at my desk in work the other day, my boss came in carrying a big white box containing an enormous white chocolate cheesecake and a bithday card.  Now, before anyone starts sending me birthday wishes - IT WAS NOT MY BIRTHDAY!

 Let me explain. If people know about a birthday in our office they will, at least, buy a card and all sign it.
There was a birthday in the office recently (and a Cheesecake Fornight where we had a cheesecake everyday for two weeks - but that's another story).  Anyway, the recent birthday got people wondering when mine was and they realised they's missed it (it was in March!) and decided to make up for it!!!
A few things then fell into place. Like a colleague asking me, at the time of the other birthday, when mine was (and me smugly answering that they'd missed it) and another time asking me which was my favourite of all the cheesecakes we'd had during our recent cheesecake fortnight (don't ask!). I actually said the damson and white choc was my favourite but the lady who makes the cheesecakes had no damsons left and used raspberries instead.  She even sent in one of the damsons from her tree to prove they were not ready yet this year.   I put an earring next to it to show how tiny it was. 

 Here's my slice.  I expect you're wondering how I managed to hold off from eating it to take a pic.  Well, it wasn't easy, but I managed it!

"You don't have to be mad to work here but it helps.!!"

Bye for now
Teresa x


Peach Rainbow said...

Your colleagues are Sweet!

So you are gonna get something similar in another 8 months too ;D

Who would complain when people "create" reasons to enjoy some yumminess! That cake truly looks yummy!

wayside wanderer said...

Well, that was certainly a nice gesture. (Never heard of a damson before in my whole life. #1084858 new thing I've learned from you. :)) That cheesecake looks delish! Oh my.

Happy UNbirthday, Teresa!!! :)

mary said...

It sounds like a fun place to work!
Although I think I would struggle with cheesecake fortnight!

Little Green Doll said...

hahaha, better late than never!! it was a great surprise I suppose! :)

laura said...

What a lovely surprise!

Tracey said...

oh yummo, luck you!

marit said...

What a great place to work! Happy unbirthday:-)