Monday, 2 August 2010

Stitching and Singing!

There's been a serious lack of any news on stitching and singing around here lately so here are a few little snippets of what's been going on. 

Cutting out squares from the fabrics left over from my quilt-as-you -go quilt. I'm going to team these with a lighter plain fabric in triangles, see how many I end up with, then decide what to do with them (What? - it's how I work!)
 Preparing another block for quilting. It's all tacked down and marked up!
 Finishing the binding on my mini-quilt made from left overs (what else!).  Just need to put a couple of hanging loops on the back.
 I don't know what to do with it now!!  It doesn't really suit any room in our house.  Maybe I'll start a stock of things to sell and this can be the first item. 

I also had a yearning for yarn yesterday and got out the kniting needles and crochet hooks.  If my plans work out I'll report on that sometime too.

Last week at work we held our annual cricket match and BBQ.  You  can tell how seriously they take it (or not) by the state of the kit they're wearting.  It was more fun this year because we made up two teams internally instead of playing an external company who would take it very seriously, turn up in complete 'whites', thrash us, fill up on the free BBQ and then leave!
As OH and I had no fixed commitments on Saturday I suggested we went to the cinema (I got to choose).  We saw Toy Story 3 and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I found it so funny and clever, and there was so much going on, I'm sure we must have missed something.  In fact, I learned this morning via Facebook that we missed a rude hidden message!  I wasn't tempted to click on the link to find out what it was but may have to wheedle it out of my nephew sometime!
I'm so looking forward to tonight.  We're going to the theatre in Bristol to see Les Miserables!  It's first on my list for a must-see show.  I know the story and love listening to the fabulous music on CD but have never seen the show.  There's a local chap who runs coach trips to the theatre for charity so, as soon as we heard it was on, my sister contacted him to see if he had a coach going and a crowd of about 12 of us are goin.
Oh........and I nearly forgot. How could I!!!  The latest singing news is that our teacher is finally leaving us to become a minister!  I've mixed feelings about this.  In the beginning I felt some benefit from the lessons but more recently have come to think I've gone as far as I can with him, but we've been with him for 5 years so it will be a sad occasion.  That is, the concert on Friday will be a sad occasion. 

Oh no, another concert and I feel less prepared than ever!!  I'm going to be singing Evergreen by Barbra Streisand, An Old Fashioned Wedding from Annie Get Your Gun with Brinley and Lakme's Flower Duet with my sister as well as a couple of group pieces.  The trouble is (and I may have mentioned this before) that our teacher cannot play the keyboard.  He just about manages a plonk, plonk with one finger, to pick out the tune.  So when we get to the pre-concert rehearsal (also on Friday) we will never have sung any of the pieces with an accompaniment!!!!!!  I can't emphasise enough how vital that is for confidence in knowing when to come in and what note to start on.  He says he'll conduct (and he does) but quite honestly, that's not enough!
( I hope the utube links work.  I don't know what the last one is like but whatever it is we'll be dropping the pitch a smidgen!)

No sure whether I'll try to find another teacher sometime but for a little while I'll enjoy having Wednesday evenings free. :-)

Bye for now
Teresa x


wayside wanderer said...

Oh, do share about Les Mis! You have the best weekends! I always enjoy hearing about them.

mary said...

I like the mini quilt - I often make things up to try new patterns or techniques and they just end up in a box! I really should find a better use for them!

I can't wait to go and see Toy Story 3 - I don't know who is more excited about seeing it - me or the kids!

Good luck with the concert.

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