Monday, 8 November 2010

One Thing at a Time!

My decision to concentrate on one project at a time has paid off!  I've finished the scrappy, embroidered wall-hanging that has been on-the-go for a while.  I originally started this because I wanted to do some single-colour embroidery and use up some small scraps at the same time.  I like how it's turned out. :-)
As I've mentioned before, the embroidery transfers came from a 1965 women's magazine.  Most of the fabric and embroidery thread is 2nd hand/thrifted except the border and binding. I haven't measured it but, to give you a rough idea of scale, I'd guess it's about 18" x 10".
I remembered at the last minute to sew one of my labels into the binding.
I also embroiderd a little spider near one back corner (I know it looks like a beetle but it's my first one and hopefully I will improve!).  I think longer legs and a smaller body the next time.  I plan to put a spider somewhere on all my projects (if I remember) as an indication that they came from 'The Thread Shed' and, as we all know, there are lots of spiders in every shed!
I know you won't believe it but that wasn't the only stitching that was done this weekend!  It was the November meeting of my quilting club and the project of the month was a Christmas wall hanging.  There were a couple to choose from and I chose the smallest design which will be like a bell-pull when finished.  This is it so far with the gold iron-on binding stitched into place for double security.  I've cut it out and pinned it together with wadding and backing since then so it's now ready to quilt.
And double gasp - that's not all!!!  I've had in mind to make coasters (or mug rugs as I've seen them called in blogland) as Christmas presents and I finally got around to trying one out.  It came together quite quickly and is another great way to use up scraps.
I'm happy to have got so much done but I'm afraid I've made quite a lot more mess as a result!! 

Next weekend I'm taking part in a local sponsored event to raise money for Children in Need.  (I can't believe the things I get myself into sometimes!!!! :-)  More news next time - and maybe photos (unless I'm too emarrassed to show them).

Bye for now
Teresa x


Joanne said...

Beautiful artwork and stitching!
Just lovely!
Thanks for sharing!

Tracey said...

Wow you were busy! Lovin' the mug rug and wall hanging. So thats it then ... you have set a trend now. We shall expect more next week! (Your meander quilting looks good btw too)

Great idea for a spider in every project as well.

Lis said...

Wow you have been sew busy, I love all that you've done.

wayside wanderer said...

You have been very productive! The wall hanging is such pretty colors and I especially like the added embroidery. Beautiful! And I love the idea of a spider signature. That is just plain cute.

And your coaster/mug rug turned out very pretty. That is a great gift idea. I know I would love that! It actually makes me want to sew which is saying a lot. :)

I am always amazed at how much you get done in the creative realm. Really, it is inspiring. I should go tackle something right now.

Peach Rainbow said...

Your wall hanging looks lovely - I love the color and the embroidery in it.
Looks like you've been very busy these days - Keep it up!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

Your work is great.I like it.
Pretty fabric colors.
Have a nice day.

Little Green Doll said...

I love this wall-hanging!! Beautiful embroidery! and the spider is a great idea...

Anonymous said...

What lovely things! I like the coasters especially (although the wall hanging is great too) and would love to know how you put them together... 'Mug rug' is a great phrase!