Monday, 1 November 2010

I Blame the Recipe!!

You may remember a few months ago I showed this photo of my Yorkshire Puddings.  Oh, I was so proud of them.  They were the best I'd managed to produce for quite some time. Despite the lure of Aunt Bessie's, I had refused to admit defeat and kept trying, occasionally tweeking the method and blaming the oven but, for some reason, never questioning the recipe, which was actually a pancake batter recipe but said it could be used for Yorkshire Pudding and Toad in the Hole too (Incidentally, I had successfully made TitH with this recipe!)

 Last Sunday I was in a hurry to get dinner and my DS happened to be around as he wasn't busy cooking Sunday Dinner for other people at the local hotel as usual.  He made the mistake of asking me how long dinner would be so I pounced on the opportunity and said it would be quicker if he made the Yorkshires!  These requests don't always work so I was surprised when he leapt into action.  No recipe, no instructions, nothing - he just kept adding a bit of this and a bit of that until it 'looked' right!  Just look at the result!!!! Perfect, light, HUGE, tasty Yorkshires.  Forget Aunt Bessie, these were much better, next time I use DS's recipe!!


You Shall Go To The Ball!!

I've been crafting for a long time without really realising I was hooked and keep being reminded of things I've made over the years.  This is one that popped up recently.  DD has been sorting out a few bits and pieces for me to put on ebay for her and this little Barbie-sized ball-gown was one of the items.  I think she's been reluctant to let it go because 1. I made it and 2. It's so beautiful, but she hasn't had a Barbie for such a long time it seems pointless to keep it any longer.  I remember making the dress but not all the tiny buds and leaves around the bottom!!  It must be at 15-20 years old and is still in perfect condition!  I know what DD's done though - she's put the responsibility of letting it go to me and now I'm the one who's reluctant.  But go it must!!

Bye for now
Teresa x


Little Green Doll said...

It's a very nice dress, you really did a great work, with all those little flowers at the bottom. It's a pity you have to let it go... Have a great week!!

Peach Rainbow said...

Hey, I came here for the recipe ;)
& That dress looks cute!

wayside wanderer said...

Are you sure you want to get rid of that dress? It is beautiful!!! Maybe one day you will have a little grandgirl?

So I just looked up what a yorkshire pudding is and I am not quite it like a soft bread? What do you serve it with? And is that contraption in your picture something like a pudding maker? I enjoy the new things I learn from you! :)

John'aLee said...

Wow! Those 'yorkies' look soooo yummy!!

Highland Monkey's said...

I love yorkshire's but hate cleaning the pans after...a nightmare! So I stick to Tescos 99p ones (I can hear e colctive intake of breath right up here :0D )The ones your son make look lovely and scrummy.

As for the barbie dress, sometimes you have to let go of things (unless as someone else suggested future g'child)

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

hello: I want to eat that delicioous pudding.