Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Teething Troubles at Work!

I expected the portacabins to be cold so wrapped up warm accordingly.
I expected the roads to be icy with the cold and snow so drove carefully.
I expected to be further from any shops so made sure I didn't forget to bring lunch.
I expected to be further from a garage selling cheaper fuel so filled up in advance.

I didn't expect it to be quite SO cold!!
I didn't expect the water pipes to freeze leaving us using water from the drinking bottles to fill the kettle and pour down the loo to flush it!!
And I didn't expect the frozen pipes to burst when thawing out, flooding water into the corridor and resulting in having to share the 'men's facilities in a separate cabin outside - Brrrrr!!!
Add to that poor mobile coverage, a dodgy land line system and a view out onto a blank wall and, well, you can't blame me for hoping today would be a 'snow day'!

Well, I managed to get there despite a bit of slipping and sliding, the toilet is fixed and I'm ensconced in my little office with the heater on high so things are looking up (and if the weather is anything to go by, I might yet get a snow day this week) :-)

Stitchy News

 I absolutely love this block that I received from Anna from Finland for the Tag Square Bee for November. 
 Look at the lovely fabrics.  I particularly like the big white flowers on the green background and the brown with butterflies. 
 The coasters have now been trimmed down during a few spare moments over the weekend.  Making things in batches seems to be the way to go with small items.
Here's a glimpse of a corner of my Christmas Bell Pull hanging I started at my quilting group last meeting.  The next meeting is on Saturday when we are supposed to take it in to show, so as I've only got the binding to sew down, I should get it done.   I know what I'll be doing if I do get a snow day :-)

Bye for now
Teresa x


Joanne said...

Oh, you poor girl! That is just not fun! Glad you warmer up and hoping with you for a snow day so that you can stay cosy indoors and work on your lovely sewing project!
Beautiful quilt squares!
Stay cosy!
Joanne in foggy, rainy Ontario

Lis said...

Hope you've got a snow day. I'm snowed in here and have been working on secret sewing projects all day, love Christmas. Tomorrow I'm going to get some decorations out, it's December! Keep warm and cosy.

mary said...

I hope you get your snow day - it doesn't sound fun at work! (My son's classroom is in a portakabin and their toilets froze the other day!)

I love the coasters, I keep meaning to make some for myself one day!

wayside wanderer said...

Oh goodness, that sounds miserable. Thank goodness is work and not home! I love your November square. The big white flowers reminds me of fabric from when I was growing up. It has a cheery vintage feel. Way to go on all the mug rugs. Stay warm!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

sorry,my friend,
but I do not like snow days.
I really like the coasters,nice colors.
take care,hugs.

Anonymous said...

Oooh that all sounds a bit chilly! Your new coasters are looking gorgeous and I so agree about doing things in batches...

Tracey said...

Ohhhhh sounds like you need a portacabin quilt to keep you warm!