Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Third Last Weekend Before Christmas!

Just in case anyone is on tenterhooks to find out, you can breathe again now because I can announce that I had exactly a QUARTER of a snow day last week!!!! Sorry for shouting but a QUARTER!!! What am I supposed to do with that?  Do you know what I did? I CLEANED!! Sorry, I'll calm down now.

This is the scene as I drove to work one day last week.  Here we have freezing fog on the two lane road. The car said the temperature was -13!!!!!

 Things were a bit brighter as I neared the office on the single track road.

I'm not really angry - I had a lovely weekend starting with a quiz at the local pub on Friday evening (which my team won)! 

I finished my Christmas bell pull (above) to take to my quilting group where we also enjoyed a Hope Lunch (everyone takes a plate of food and we hope there'll be enough).  I didn't take any quilting to do, but concentrated on some cross-stitch for a Christmas present I'm hoping to finish by next weekend when I will see the recipient. Pics will have to wait until after Christmas so she doesn't see.

 On Sunday I dragged accompanied my OH to a local craft centre that has recently re-opened after a few years being closed.  Most of the crafts they sell here are made in Wales.  In a workshop at the back of the centre I found a room with lovely bags hung all around the walls, and shelves at the end piled with gorgeous fabrics (not new but recycled and reclaimed!). It was almost exactly as I envisaged my own fantasy workspace and I was so envious of the mysterious Cayt whose workshop it was.  I couldn't resist buying one of her lovely bags (the flower is a detachable brooch!).  OH and I stayed for coffee and cake and had a lovely chat with the owners who suggested I go back when Cayt is there and chat to her about her work.  I fully intend to take up the offer! I also want to look in the vintage clothes room that was closed on Sunday in order to tidy it up after they held a Craft Fair the day before.

To finish off, here's a pic of the (mostly) vintage Laura Ashley fabric I won on ebay recently.  There are 3 lots from the same seller here and with combined postage it came to less than £11.  The pieces are all different sizes but some are quite big.  The only one I am disappointed with is the lightest fabric 5 from the left.  I haven't looked closely yet but it seems to have a few marks on it and is not a very inspiring design to boot. ("to boot"??? - where did that come from?  I never say that!  I just had to look it up so if you're interested have a look)

Bye for now
Teresa x


Joanne said...

Now you can really say you are 'walking in a winter wonderland'...so cold though!
Beautiful bell pull!
and...Love that handbag!
The flower on it is the added flair!
Stay cosy and warm!

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, brrrrr, that kind of cold hurts me to even think about. Is the road slippery? In Texas we are horrible drivers especially on ice mainly because we get it so rarely that we don't know what we are doing.
Your bell pull turned out beautiful and what a cute handbag. (I just ordered one off of etsy...a black patterned one.. not quite so cute as yours though. I am trying to downsize because my purse arm hurts.)
Stay warm!

mary said...

Sorry you didn't get a full snow day! My kids have been pretty disappointed with the amount of snow we had!

I love the bell pull, did you follow a pattern for it? Was it easy to do?

I love the bag! I will have to see if we can organise a day out down there so I can go to that craft centre.

Lis said...

That freezing fog is terrible. I don't mind the snow and cold so much when it's bright. Still bad here but the main roads are clear (if you can get to them!) I love the bag with that flower on it, gorgeous colours too. There seem to be a lot of crafty things happening near to you. Love your bell pull too, is the Celtic knotwork in metallic? Take care, keep warm, xx

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

hello: brrrr,oh no ,I am cold.
I love your bag,nice colors.
Your bell pull looks adorable.Great job.

Ellie Foster said...

Hi Teresa

Thank you for stopping by at my Blog - thought I'd return the compliment! I think your quilting is fantastic. I often think I would like to have a go, but it always looks so complicated, so I'll stick to felt making for now. The fabrics from ebay were a real bargain. Hope the weather is improving for you now.
Best wishes

www.welovequilting.com said...

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I hope to see you back.


Little Green Doll said...

OMG! It should have been very freezing!!! -13 degrees!!!! The bag is very beautiful! :)