Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bra....vo! One for the ladies! (not that any men read this, as far as I know)

(The theme of this week's photos is mainly the 'exciting' things I got up to last weekend and are nothing whatsoever to do with this post!  Sadly I have no new stitchy news.  I seem to have no energy or motivation for it since I got back from holiday - my mind still whirrs with ideas but I can't persuade my body to carry them through.)

I'm sure you all know that a woman's bra size can vary greatly over her lifetime.  Puberty to the menopause and everything in between (pregnancy and childbirth being the main culprits) can have an effect.

(Vacuuming with The Bee - a cleaner I bought partly to enter a competition (I needed it anyway) and won a pressure washer!)
 It's challenging enough to get a bra that fits at the best of times without having to review the situation every few years.  The fact that sizes vary between brands doesn't help either! I've also found that the formula often quoted for calculating bra size to be far wide of the mark (you know the one - measure underneath, measure over the top, add or subtract a set number then calculate the cup size from the difference).  
(Washing out in the sun to dry for the first time this year.  The flat airer fell over twice that day - grrrr!)
And what if you're not exactly....ahem....symmetrical! The problems then increase to inlcude making decisions such as, "Do I go larger and get a chicken fillet to even things up?" or "Do I go smaller and risk overspill?" (Not that I have this problem you understand)

(I don't very often do my own ironing these days but my 'lady' is a bit unreliable lately and I still haven't caught up from the holday.  My sister offered to do this weeks basket :-)
Considering all this, why then, a couple of weeks ago, did I buy on impulse (something I rarely, if ever, do these days), a bra from a supermarket for £8 without so much as trying it on? 

(A close-up of the braid I bought in Italy.)
 'The Bra' was a size that I consider myself to be (not calculated as above) and, joy of joys, was the most perfect fitting bra that I have ever bought!! It was as if it was tailor-made just for me!  It has good support without being 'matronly' and  is pretty without being 'skimpy', if you know what I mean! 
(A beret style hat I crocheted to wear in Italy.  I did wear it quite a bit but have decided it needs a few modifications)

I'm sure I'm not the only woman whose day was 'made' by such a simple thing!!

And now you know why I have no photos to accompany this post ;-)

Bye for now
Teresa x

(Disclaimer - I have never, ever made use of a chicken fillet.  Anyway, what are they?  Never heard of 'em!!)

Bye for now
Teresa x


Peach Rainbow said...

A very different and funny post ;D
I agree, such things DO happen and it has happened to me too!

wayside wanderer said...

Oh Teresa, very funny post! And at the supermarket???? The same place you buy food? What is going on there in Whales? =) But I congratulate you. I consider that pretty much a modern day miracle.

Joanne said...

Too cute!
Great beret too!
Fun post!

hausfrau said...

We should say thank-you for the simple things in life more often!