Thursday, 31 March 2011

Plants, Paper, Patchwork!

It was my brithday a couple of days ago.  My daughter invited us for a meal and gave me the gorgeous tulips (the colours are much more striking than I've managed to capture here) and my son gave me the Hebe which will go in the garden to replace one we lost in the harsh winter frosts.  I'm also booked in for an Indian Head Massage next week, courtesy of my OH.  I find it so relaxing, having my hair washed at the salon but it never lasts long enough so I'm hoping this will compensate and relax me for at least a few days!

 I was browsing Etsy a while back, looking for some prints to hang in my 'shed' and came across these adorable 'paper cuts'! Little Miss Muffet was perfect with the spider theme.
However, I'm not sure what this one is meant to be!  I actually ordered Rumplestiltskin - the spinning theme was also appropriate - but this one came instead.  It looks like an old man with a stick and a long beard so I'm a bit confused.  They didn't cost very much and took so long to come that I'm going to keep it now anyway.

This is the first bit of stitching I've done for nearly a month and I'm thankful to discover that I haven't lost my enthusiasm for it. I'd just got out of the habit of doing a little bit here and a little bit there. I had tidied up a lot of my things before going on holiday and I found it an effort to get it out again. I've got a good break from work coming up and I'm determined to get the rest of my stash/equipment/materials moved into' The Thread Shed' in the garden. It might be an effort to get out there to stitch until it becomes a habit but having it all in one place will be easier and the better weather will also help until I get into a routine.

This is my February block for the Tag Square Bee (in the background is the start of the March block). I held off from joining any bees until I thought I could devote enough time to it, so I'm disappointed to have got behind like this. The recipient of this block wanted it to be black, white and yellow and I've been trying to acquire some black (to no avail). So this is the block that was sent off yesterday and now I need to get hold of some white fabric to add to the blue for the March block. And as it's April tomorrow, I'd better find out what the next recipient wants!!

Tonight, a friend has invited me as a guest, to go with her to a Book a Cook social at the house of a member of a business network group she belongs to. I won't know anyone except her, but hopefully it will be fun and I'll meet some nice, new people!

Edited to add: - I meant to say before, and was reminded while reading Rhonda's blog, Down to Earth, that I  think my eco-friendly ways are beginning to rub off on the family (or at least make them think).  OH and DS each bought me body lotion for my birthday too and made an effort to get natural products, and DD pointed out that the tulips were grown in the UK and not flown half way round the world!!

Bye for now
Teresa x


mary said...

A belated happy birthday!

I like the papercuts (even if you didn't get the one you wanted!)

Joanne said...

The Happiest of Birthdays to you Teresa! It sounds like you were well taken care of! I love that Book a Cook social idea...I want to know more:)
Have a wonderful time!

wayside wanderer said...

Happy Birthday!!! You got the sort of thoughtful gifts that I like best. I've never heard of an Indian head massage but it sounds great and like something my husband would especially like. He used to go to an expensive hairdresser only because she used these gloves with little rubber nubs all over the palm of them when she washed his hair. =)

Pam P said...

Hmmmm . . . Old man with a long beard - Rip Van Winkle maybe?? Fabulous, at any rate!! Love Miss Muffet :)

Lis said...

Happy Birthday Teresa and well done to your family for being eco-thoughtful about the gifts they got for you. Those yellows in the quilt are lovely (not a colour I use very much), looking forward to seeing more. Take care x

Little Green Doll said...

Happy Birthday Teresa!! Glad you had a wonderful day! and the gifts you received were great, those tulips are so beautiful :) Love the paper cuts too! :)