Tuesday, 1 March 2011

What's been happening around here since we last met!

Here it is, my new-to-me car, as promised (I nearly put 'she' instead of 'it' but I'm not one for giving personalities or names to inanimate objects!).  It's quite...well....Blue!!  It actually looks shinier and slighty blue/green in real life.  It'll do for me for a while (no heated seats Leslie but that's not where I feel the cold!).


My Scrap Swap parcel arrived yesterday from Sally exactly on deadline as arranged by Ali of Very Berry Handmade. A great selection of scraps here, many of which I've not seen before.  I'm sure they'll come in very useful.  Thank you Ali and Sally!


The look of the little bags I've been making recently all depend on the zip.  My starting point when making these has to be whatever zip I have in my stock that's a suitable colour, length and type.  In this case a dark green one.  Next comes the fabric to go with it.  Finally, the size and design of the bag depends on the length of the zip and the size of the pieces of fabric available.  This process is obviously governed by the used materials I'm able to get hold of, but suits me fine in that quite a few of the decisions are out of my hands.  Therefore, procrastinating is kept to a minimum and precious time is saved!   This is a birthday gift for one of my sisters and will be filled with a couple of pampering goodies. See, I remembered my label (only the 2nd time) and didn't sew it in upside-down like the last time!


Two tiers of tasty treats here; My usual batch of muffins on the top and a double batch of Oaty Ginger Cookies from a recipe from Ali's blog (see Ali's link above).  The muffin recipies always make exactly 12.  Don't know what happened this time but only just managed to scrape 11 out of it (I know what you're thinking, but no, I didn't succumb to temptation before taking the pic)!


And finally......I know it's 1st March today and not April but I had to check twice before I sent the email requested by my boss via his assistant.  I was concerned that I was being taken for a fool.  He wanted me to ask everyone in the office to save the the 'dots' from hole-punches and collect them together for him to use as confetti at a family wedding next year!!!

Do you see why I had reservations?

Bye for now
Teresa x


wayside wanderer said...

Oh, I love, love, love your new car! How cute! I can just see you zipping around in it. (I always picture countryside from the show Keeping Up Appearances.) They should make steering wheels that warm the hands, shouldn't they? Because I find myself sticking my hands under my bum while driving. Is that too much info???? ha ha

Lovely zip bag, as usual, and I sure would enjoy a muffin right about now.

I despise those little dots from the paper punch. I am forever spilling them and they are insidious and difficult to pick up. That is an odd, but economical request for a wedding! =)

Joanne said...

I love your new car...colour and all!
It should be a joy for you to get places with it:)
And you have once again been busy! Wow! Good for you!
Your baking looks amazing, said I as I nibble on my oatmeal raisin cookie along with my coffee:)
That last paragraph would have gotten to me too! Very resourceful indeed!
Happy Week to you!

Little Green Doll said...

Teresa, I love your new car! The colour is so nice :) This little bag for your sister is very beautiful, I love specially the green fabric, it's gorgeous!
Mmmm, these muffins look so delicious :)

Tracey said...

Ohh nice car and cookies madame! Nice fabric and baggies too! Love your label .. great name.

mary said...

Lovely new car!

Lovely pile of fabric you got! I recognise one or two of the fabrics.

The bag looks great, I love the green swirly fabric.

What an odd request for the dots! I suppose it is one way of saving money!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, love the fabric goodies, and the car too (!).

I am laughing because that's exactly how I decide what kind of zippery bag to make next - what zippers have I got?!

Great baking too - good grief you have been busy..

Lis said...

Love the little bag you've made with that green NZ fabric, looks great.