Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Doing my Bit for the P.O.!

Due to the fact that I was camera-less last week, I should have twice as much to show today. Wrong!!  The photos of the zipped bag I made for DS's girlfriend were lost somewhere during the changeover, but you'll just have to believe me when I say it was very pretty!

I've been on a sending/receiving spree and made good use of the postal service this week!

This is the lovely Tuscan themed block I received from Jo of Bear Paw for The Tag Square Bee for February.  I've been very punctual about getting my blocks sent out so far but this month I am delayed due to a serious shortage (complete lack) of black fabric. 

 I've been better organised for the Scrap Swap organised by Ali of Very Berry Handmade which had to be sent by 28th Feb.  This is the little parcel of goodies that is winging it's way to Jenny of Gingerbread House, if it's not arrived already!

 It's not diffucult to find recycled/rescued fabric to add to my stash but old reels of thread are another matter.  I've, very rarely, picked up the odd reel in charity shops but Ali (see above) came up trumps with her recommendation for the site Rag Rescue, which is where I got these beauties!  I was a bit worried that, if they were very old, they would be weak and unusable but they seem to be fine and they're exactly the sort of colours I use quite often.

 Brightly coloured buttons are also not easy to come by so I supplemented my collection with a couple of 'lots' from ebay. (Wonder how that rogue purple got into the yellows?)

I finally got the red thread, from my auntie, that I needed to finish this cushion and, would you believe it, the reel was so big it wouldn't fit on my little domestic machine!  So, instead of satin-stitching the little linen hearts on, I blanket-stitched by hand.  Here it is reclining on a kitchen chair................
.............and here posing on a comfy chair.
Here's the obligatory close-up - pores and all!!
Next week I will have swapped my car (and some money!) for a newer one.  OH tells me I need a car that is more economical on longer journeys so it'll have a slightly bigger engine.  Don't ask me anything about cars because they don't interest me one bit.  So long as they get me from A to B I'm satisifed, although I did want a green one (it's blue!!).  I'll show you next time.

Bye for now
Teresa x


wayside wanderer said...

Lots of cute thing in this post, Teresa! Your pillow turned out really pretty. Love all the greens and the hand-stitched heart is really a great touch. I like it a lot.

I thought I didn't care about vehicle I drove until we bought my latest one (new-to-us last Sept). It has bum warmers in the front seats! And even though I am in Texas I've used that nifty feature a lot this winter. =)

Little Green Doll said...

The Tuscan themed block you have received is very nice, lovely houses! and I really love your cushion, it's very pretty. You've used beautiful fabrics. :)

The Make it and Mend it team said...

Love your quilting and have really enjoyed having a look around your blog - lots of lovely things.

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

lovely things,cute colors.I love your cushion,looks softy.
Best wishes

John'aLee said...

Loved your post. That 'Tuscan' quilt is a beauty!
You keep busy dearie...that's for sure!

Catherine said...

I do like your cushion with the applique hearts! The hand stitching is lovely on it.