Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Picture-less Post!

Hello everyone, just popping in because I can't keep away, even though I have no photos to pretty up the post.  I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!  My OH said he'll do some of my ironing for me for V Day!!  What more could a girl ask for!?  I've mentioned to him in the past that I think V Day is too commercialised, which he interpreted as "I don't want anything"!  To be fair though, I only got him a little box of heart-shaped chocs and it will be good to get some of the ironing out of the way!

My DS, on the other hand, went the whole hog, as you do when you're 22!  Roses, chocolates and a meal.  All that having just come back from a weekend away for his girlfriend's birthday.  And that is why I have no photos!! 

Confused? Well let me explain.  DS's girlfriend had a camera for her birthday but it had no memory card.  They wanted to take photos on their weekend away and lo and behold my memory card fitted her camera.  My first instinct was to say 'no' which I did.   How could I blog without any photos?  Then I felt really selfish and mean.  She said she would manage with her phone camera, then I felt even meaner! Their first break alone together and I was going to deny them any decent photographic memories of the occasion!  Their need was greater than mine.

Now, if I did have a camera over the weekend I would have shown pics of the zipped pouch I made for her birthday, the pile of goodies I dug out of my stash for the scrap swap at VeryBerryHandmade and I may have taken some photos outside on Saturday, which was a rare day of glorious sunshine.

You won't have to wait very long to see the craft goodies;  the glorious sunshine, however, is another matter and not in my control.

Oooh - I've just noticed my Stat Counter is nearly at 5,000 - that will be something to celebrate!!

Bye for now


wayside wanderer said...

That was sweet of you! I am very protective of my camera and it would be hard to do without so I understand your hesitation. I hope they got some good photos! =)

mary said...

How lovely of you to let them use your memory card. I hope they had a great time.

Peach Rainbow said...

How sweet of you :)
I know how it feels to be without a camera ;D
Hope your next post will be filled with some lovely photos!

BeautifulDees said...

That was very nice of you...your next post will be the best ever. Your blog is cute...you are over in Wales...awesome, it look's so beautiful. We have a small town in Utah (united states) named Wales it is about 15 miles east of me...I'll have to take some picture's and show you.

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

Dear Teresa:Congratulations for your blog,and Happy Valentine's Day.Thanks for your visits.
Have a Great day.Hugs.:)