Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Show Business!

I managed to prise OH away from the World Cup Rugby on Saturday and dragged him out along to mutterings such as "It's too cold!", "It's too windy" and "It's going to rain!" Then we were soon on our way to Usk Show.  It's the nearest agricultural show of the season to us and, although not as big as others, much more friendly.

Despite the threatening clouds, we had only a couple of light showers during the day, which the gusty winds quickly blew away.  We were able to sit on the grass enjoying the pies, olives and Welsh Cakes we bought in the local food producers marquee (luckily, OH had insisted on bringing a picnic blanket).

 It was a very pleasant day, spent looking at exhibits and stalls, animals and displays of all kinds.  I'm afraid I missed the best photo opportunities - but that's what happens when you're enjoying yourself! OH was particularly interested in the farm machinery and vehicles but (im)patiently waited for me outside the crafters marquees, with the other men!!  We bumped into many family members and friends on our way round and I took the opportunity to speak to a local lady I'd heard about who has a business sewing from the shed in her garden.  We also popped into the Rotary Club tent where my mother was taking blood pressures and advising people who needed to get further help.  Apparently, according to my BP I'm "disgustingly healthy".  There was also a 'first' for me when I was stung by a bee.  The 2 nurses in the group we were talking to, couldn't decide, or couldn't remember, what to put on it so it was a good thing it didn't bother me much!

 Sunday morning was an early start to get to DD's.  She then drove me to Greenmeadow Community Farm (where her OH worked until he broke his toe - he's recently gone back to do some light work) where she had a stand to publicise her small animal care business.  We took a gazebo with us but luckily we were in a marquee otherwise we'd have been blown away . 

The stallholders are all setting up for the day (above) on a six-inch layer of straw, which was very  helpfully put down by the farm staff following heavy rain in the night.

 We were directly by the marquee opening so we battled a bit against the wind while setting up, and I spent much of the day holding down the tent side with my foot so it wouldn't blow our leaflets all over the place (again!).
 While popping out to get a coffee for myself and a hog roast roll for DD I managed to get myself caught, without a coat, in one of the heavier showers of the day!  I thought I could hurry and not get too wet but my way back was blocked in readiness for the Sheep Run event (see culprits above). Staff had blocked off a route around the farm and let the sheep out to run the circuit for the children's amusement. By time I got back to DD, her roll was cold and a bit damp, and I'd forgotten the stuffing and apple sauce!  She took it back to get the 'extras' and returned 10 mins later with a 'complete' fresh roll wrapped in foil, for no extra charge!!
 When it got a bit quieter in the afternoon DD took me on a tour of the farm.  There were lots of cute babies to see.
There was a cupcake stall opposite us that I was eyeing up all day, determined to get us a treat at some point.  They looked as if they were packing up quite early in the afternoon so I was over there in a flash in case we missed out, and bought 2 banoffee pie cupcakes from the lovely Lynn Tarling of Cupcake House who had recently started the business with her daughter.  They weren't packing up after all, just putting some cake pops in a container to carry around to tempt people to buy (a great idea that worked well by the way).

Quite a few people took a leaflet from DD but we won't know if the day was a success for a while because it all depends on WHEN people need her services.

Stitchy progress since last post:

Quilt-as-you-go-quilt:    Finished handquilting block (approx 17 finished, 9 remaining)
Knitted cardigan:          Right side finished, left side started

Bye for now
Teresa x


wayside wanderer said...

You are always eating things that sound very foreign to me...except for cupcakes. I know what that is! Sounds delicious!!! Our weekends consist of fixing our vehicles and driving kids to this or that so yours are always a treat to read about.

lulitasss said...

Hi,I am Spanich.
I´ve been in Wales, is very nice,everything so green.
Your blog is nice.