Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Uninvited Guests!

OH and I went to a family birthday celebration last Saturday that we weren't invited to! The event was organised by 2 cousins to celebrate the 80th birthday of my aunt and 78th birthday of my uncle.  As it was a 2 and a half hour drive to the venue, and another aunt and uncle who live near us didn't have transport to get there, they asked us to take them. Around 50 guests from both ends of the country (Scotland for my aunt who was originally from the Outer Hebrides and Wales for my uncle who was brought up in the house where I now live!) attended and it was lovely to get to know a side of the family we had never met.
As has become the custom these days, old photos of the birthday 'boy and girl' were displayed for all to see!!  My uncle is in the picture above (on the left), which must have been about 70 years ago, with 2 of his brothers. The first house on the right is now ours!  The house adjoining now belongs to another aunt but the lady looking over the hedge is Great Aunt Kate who died in 1978.  Having only know her as an elderly lady, I was surprised by how much I look like her.  It was amazing to see all my aunts and uncles when they were young.

This is their wedding which must have been around 55 years ago because my aunt (the one who lives next door now) is the 13 yr old girl in the front (3rd from the left). My gran is behind her to the right. See the sweet little page boys in kilts!  

Sunday's activity couldn't have been more different!!  Dressed in Hawaiian shirts and with plasitc palm trees on board 9 friends took part in the local annual Raft Race for the second year running. 

The weather was much better this year so I almost wished I'd agreed to take part. As there were more than the previous 6 who wanted to do the race an extension was built on last year's raft to accommodate them.

 This modification made the raft much slower and it took a good four and half hours to complete the course (even though they didn't stop for as long as last year at the pub on the river!!)

The last 2 pics are taken from a pedestrian bridge over the river and in the last one they are just pulling into the side to 'park' for the pub stop.  Despite it being called a 'race', hardly anyone really races.  The sole purpose of one raft of 'pirates' it seemed, was to ambush and board the other rafts as they passed. The point at which I changed my mind about taking part next year, was when I saw them all get off at the end; freezing cold, exhausted, bruised and soaking wet!!!

Later, when they'd all showered and changed, 14 of us met at the local hotel for dinner and relived the event all over again! 


Stitchy progress since last time:

Knitted cardigan - a couple more hours knitting the one front
Quilt As You Go Quilt - 3/4 of a block hand quilted.

A very poor show but what did you expect with all the above going on :-)

Bye for now
Teresa x


wayside wanderer said...

Wow, what a contrast! I am really struck by how outdoorsy people seem to be where you are from. It must be that great countryside. It all looks very festive. The little kilts are adorable!!!

Jill said...

Its always lovely when you catch up with relatives and look through old photos. The raft race looks fun, and glad the weather was good for you. Have a lovely weekend.

Little Green Doll said...

Wow!! What an interesting weekend you had!!! I also love looking at old photos from my family :) Have a nice Sunday!!