Friday, 21 October 2011


OH hurt his back last weekend and wanted to go somewhere he could walk around to prevent stiffing up.  He decided on Porthcawl; a seaside town close to where he grew up.  We picked up DD on the way, as she was at a loose end, and as we travelled and chatted OH took a scenic route that took us past where he lived as a child, went to school and played.

The beach at Porthcawl where the tide goes way out.
  It got us thinking and talking about family; who was related to whom etc. and we explained to DD the tenuous connection OH and I have to each other, by marriages in the family, through my aunt and his mother, which is so convoluted even I have trouble explaining it!  In order to explain, we each started at our own family and somehow met in the middle!

An interesting new addition since last time we were there - not sure if we like it or not!
  OH and I also have a connection relating to his work on a private country estate.  He and his father both worked on this estate and I have a great-great-somebody-or-other who was an ostler on this same estate generations ago.

Looking along the promenade one way
 It's surprising the connections you can find with people if you get chatting (even complete strangers). Our ladies group recently had a speaker who'd been to Africa with a charity operating on children with cleft palates. When his trip was over, he took an extended break in Egypt (I think) and got talking to some people there.  It turned out they were neighbours of one of the people he'd just been in Africa with!! 
Looking along the promenade the other way
There must be thousands of stories like this because we're not as disparate as we might think.  And the further back in history you go, the more likely you are to be descended from a prominent figure, since there were fewer people around then. 

Out of season for the fair (not sorry though)!
I tried to think of more examples of connections but having a terrible memory they'll probably come to me next week when I'm thinking about something else! 

Stitching progress since last time:

Knittted cardigan - First sleeve finished, second sleeve half knitted.
Other projects - thought about them every day!!
New projects - thought about them every day!!!!!!
(this is getting embarrassing  - showing my progress every post was supposed to motivate me!)

Bye for now
Teresa x


Anonymous said...

What a lovely blue sky in that first pic. That coincidence is utterly bizarre..spooky in fact.

wayside wanderer said...

Wow, that is really interesting in an uncanny sort of way. I hope your OH is feeling better. Beautiful skies and interesting architecture. What is the turquoise colored building? I like the street light, too.

Linnhe Mara said...

Co-incidence? Perhaps. Downright freaky? Most definitely!
If I were you I'd try and get a picture of this other Teresa. If she looks like you I think you may have the proof we need that there is indeed an alternate universe that runs along side this one! :o)

Little Green Doll said...

Very interesting (and quite rare) what you explain about co-incidence. Life is full of it! Very nice pictures, and strange building the blue one. Have a nice week! :)

Susan said...

It is indeed a small world. Loved the photos of Porthcawl in South Wales - I did click the link to read about it. Thanks for a great post. :)