Friday, 14 October 2011


Do you remember when I got stung by a wasp a couple of weeks ago?  At the time we couldn't understand where the wasp came from.  There's no nest nearby that we know of, no windows were open and the only open door was the back door which is in quite a sheltered spot.  Since then we've had wasps in the house on a few more occasions - sometimes 2 or 3 at a time - and they are HUGE!!  The mystery was solved when OH went outside to bring in some blocks for the fire and a wasp flew out of the wood pile!! They were coming in with the wood he brought in - so I blamed him for the sting I had from a wasp that must have been (at least) 2cm long!!

Now to blocks of a different kind. (I don't know why the colours in these photos look so dull.  They really are much  more vibrant than they look here!)  The block above is one of my QAYG blocks that I finished quilting this week.

 This is my last block to send away for the Tag Square Bee.  It goes to Jo of Bellsjo who is the very patient blogger who organised the Bee. She wants to make a 'girly' pink and white quilt for herself so requested these colours.  While I was pressing this, OH commented that there was a lot of white.  He didn't realise it was for someone else and was trying to subtly say that they weren't my sort of colours (I'm not really a 'girly' girl you see).

Earlier in the week I received this colourful block from Jo of Bearpaw for October. The colours and fabrics are amazing and the appliqued circles add a nice touch - the little house and the teapot are great.

 Due to the fact that 2 members of the Bee dropped out, I had 2 fewer blocks than I should have.  What a surpise it was, then, to get these 2 beauties in the mail from Bellsjo so soon after receiving the October block! (I said she was patient didn't I?) The tiny squares in the centre of the one above are amazing - lovely colours and so neat.  And the fabrics in the one below are wonderful.  Jo must have a fabulous stash to choose from!

Now, all I need to to is to get these blocks together in a quilt.  Did I say ALL!!  I think I'll lay them out and photograph them together help me decide how to do it.  I may even ask your advise!

 Stitchy progress since last time:

QAYG Quilt - Finished quilting one block (approx 6 to go I think)
Knitted cardigan - A couple of dozen rows added to first sleeve
Bee Blocks - Last one completed
Read one Quilting Magazine
Visited one Craft Fair - I think this counts as research!! even though it was disappointing and we (DD and I) only stayed about 10 minutes.

Bye for now
Teresa x


wayside wanderer said...

I like your idea of research! =D Pretty blocks and am so glad you are happy with the ones you are getting in return. That is some big wasps! Yikes!!

John'aLee said...

Beautiful blocks!

Linnhe Mara said...

All of those blocks look fantastic, I especially like your quilting on the QAYG one. They almost make me want to start patchwork again, then I remember the three unfinished quilts that have been languishing in a cupboard for at least ten years and think perhaps not.

Hopefully the wasps will all be gone soon and you won't need to approach your wood pile with trepidation.

Little Green Doll said...

I hope wasps have disappeared by now, I don't like them at all either! Blocks are really nice!