Friday, 7 October 2011

Wacky Weekend Weather!

Normal autumn weather conditions have resumed after the blazing blip of glory we enjoyed last weekend. I've probably mentioned the weather before (once or twice!) but it seems to be getting more and more erratic so this, undoubtedly, won't be the last time.

This year, the rose bush in our small front flower-bed has bloomed beautifully -  twice.  Once when we had summer weather in spring and again more recently.

October is traditionally chilly and wet and even when it's sunny it's still wooly jumper weather.  But just look at what we enjoyed last weekend.  Our sunny street above and crowds at a car boot sale on Sunday below.  Everyone in short sleeves (and some a lot less than that!!)
I went along to help DD take advantage of the good weather to get rid of a few more things.  I picked up a few cushions to recover the pads, a M&S hand bag and a book (none of which is pictured!).
This little lot I got elsewhere.  The pile of fabric is from my Saturday quilting group (someone had a clear-out so I got this lot for £2).  The bag and books are from the Church fete. I was surprised no one else had snapped up the bag with it being the day that charges were introduced for carrier bags. I've taken my own bags for grocery shopping for years but this week I left them in the supermarket cafe after having lunch there!! Luckily, when I realised and went back they were left at Customer Services - I'd have been annoyed with myself if I'd have had to pay for bags after all this time!
What's this? At last some evidence of stitching!  Actually the block above is one I received from Karen as part of the Tag Square Bee on flickr.  Look how the autumn colours perfectly match the postcard she included.  There was also a very useful book of postcards in the parcel.  The set of wooden nesting dolls is another bargain from the church fete - they've taken up residence in my shed for the moment.
Ta da!  Here IS something I made at last.  It's my bee block for September and will be winging its way to Julianna as soon as I get the little signature block made to go with it. I struggled to find aqua, white and brown fabrics for this one.  I hope my interpretation of 'aqua' is the same as hers!

Stitching progress since last time:

Knitted cardigan:       Left front finished, one sleeve half done (1 1/2 sleeves and finishing remaining)
Bee block:                   September block made, fabrics chosen and cut for October block
QAYG Quilt:               3/4 of a block quilted.
This may seem a lot (for me) but I've been a bad blogger and this is a couple of weeks worth.

Bye for now
Teresa x


Little Green Doll said...

Hi Teresa! The weather is crazy, you should see us here in Barcelona, it's so hot these days! Worst than in July or August!!! Your bee block is beautiful, love the colours :) Have a nice weekend!

wayside wanderer said...

What a beautiful aqua square! I think she will like it. Your fall stitching is really nice. I'm glad you got to enjoy more pretty weather. Today here in Texas it has rained off and on the whole day. It has been wonderful and so needed. I took a nap and slept the day away. =D

Linnhe Mara said...

I have to be honest and say I was extremely jealous of you lot down south enjoying such wonderful weather. I'm afraid it didn't reach very far north, we had rain, and some rain and oh yes , a little bit of rain. If I had to see one more report on the news about the temperatures I'm afraid it wasn't only going to be records that got broken. The TV was in fear of its life!

Oh, after all that ranting I almost forgot, the block looks great, would be my interpretation of aqua too :o)

Peach Rainbow said...

Love the rose and your block :D
Thanks again for the photos, it feels like you are taking us with you too!