Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Big C!

I finish work around lunchtime tomorrow and then start the first of 2 and a half weeks off!!  Our preparations are almost complete and there's lots to look forward to.  Carol Services are over, cards have been written and the decorations are up.  OH took responsibilty for the decorations this year and as a result things are quite different. The porch is more like a grotto this year and I love what he did with the bunches of baubles hanging from the wall lights.

 I might have mentioned in previous years, that despite OH being a forester, we have an artificial tree! We've had real trees in the past but it inevitably means moving a chair out of the room, and I think we have more use for all the chairs we can get at this time of year than we do a real tree!

 We are going with DD on Thursday to do a little more shopping, along with gettting the final Christmas food.  There are a few more presents to wrap then we'll be ready.  We'll be having our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve (OH, me, DD and boyf, DS and girlf) as we've done the last few years. Then the next day, after we've opened presents and enjoyed a nice breakfast, they'll be free to accept other invitations to dinner without clashing, .

These 4 chaps have made themselves more comfortable since I took their picture earlier.

Stitching progress since last time:

It's hardly worth mentioning but, I've finished the crocheted mitts. 
Not another stitch has been produced by me and I've even sat in front of the TV on a couple of evenings with nothing at all in my hands to do, which is almost unheard of.  And funnily enough, I didn't feel compelled to do any or guilty because I didn't do any.  I hope I'm not losing my 'mojo' which I've read about on other blogs.  No, I'm pretty sure I'm not.  It's just something to do with the fast approaching Big C!!

It just remains for me to wish all my readers, followers and commenters a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!

See you next year
Bye for now
Teresa x


wayside wanderer said...

Fun decorations. I am really drawn to the view outside your window and am surprised how green it looks.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and pray that your new year is especially blessed.

Love from Texas,

PS...I liked hearing what you are reading and it made me remember that my 9th graders are due to read a Jane Austen book for literature in the spring. I will have to read along with them. =D

Tracey said...

The decs look lovely !

Happy Christmas!

Andrea said...

Happy Christmas Teresa - I'm sure you'll be back to your sewing soon enough - there's just so much to do this time of year xxx

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

Hello,dear friend:
Happy Merry Christmas!!!
Kisses and hugs

Linnhe Mara said...

The house looks lovely Teresa, hope you had a good one .