Wednesday, 7 December 2011

That Festive Feeling!

That festive feeling is beginning to build for me now.  I don't know about you, but I've not been feeling it much yet and have found it difficult to get enthusiastic about the planning. However, a few Christmassy events have helped to get me going.

First was the December meeting of my quilting club, Ladybugs, where we enjoyed a bit of sewing (I managed to quilt another block), a Show and Tell, Christmas card exchange and a Hope Lunch (where everyone brings something, nothing is planned but, somehow, no dish is duplicated!). One member's clever daughter made this lovely ladybird cake which was cut up and shared during afternoon tea.  Sorry about the messy table; I didn't get the picture until after the table was raided - and the ladybird had lost it's antennae!
A church in Usk converted into an art gallery
I wasn't planning on going out on Sunday but J (daughter) rang and we decided to meet in the afternoon at Usk Winter Festival.  (Bathroom cleaning had to wait until another day) It was a clear, fine day and not too cold so we had a leisurely browse of the stalls, drank mulled wine and listened to carol singers. 

Usk clock tower in the middle of the square where the event was held.

The clear sky meant that as soon as the light faded it got quite cold.  As J couldn't feel her toes anymore we decided not to wait to see Father Christmas pulled through the main street by reindeer and left just as the crowds gathered and it started to rain, but just before the road was closed.

K (son) mentioned he might pop to the Festival after work.  We didn't see him there (nor my parents who were apparently also there) even though it wasn't that big, but I assume he went, and picked up this little chap.  I found him on the kitchen window-sil when I pulled the curtains the next day. In case you're wondering.... there's a teensy weensy cactus under the disguise!

I'm ready for IT now (not in the preparation but in the mental sense)!  Choir practice continues tonight with Christmas anthems for the carol services and we've got a shopping day planned for Saturday when I'm sure all the shops will be decked out and filled with festive music. Onwards and upwards!!
I hope all your preparations are progressing well!!!

Stitchy progress since last time:

Quilt as you go Quilt - one more block quilted
Crocheted Mitts - Knitted second incarnation (then undid it), knitted half of another one., that's it, can't think of any more.

Bye for now
Teresa x


Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

Hello:the cake look yummy...
Magic pics...
your are busy,eeh?
Have a wonderful day!!

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, fun festivities! That cake is ADORABLE! I used to be in a book club called The Ladybugs and a few of the older ladies collected all sorts of ladybug things..socks, purses, shirts, salt and pepper shakers....they really got into it. =)

hausfrau said...

Bathroom cleaning should always be put off in favour of something more exciting! I've got to get through Youngest's birthday before Christmas can arrive...

Susan said...

The Ladybug cake is adorable and how sweet it is that your son brought you a cactus Santa. My school semester ends on Tuesday so my Christmas planning will begin in earnest on Wednesday! :)

Little Green Doll said...

It seems you had a great time at your meeting with your quilting club. And the Ladybug cake looks so tasty!! :)

Linnhe Mara said...

I'm trying to get in to the spirit of things but its slow going. Your cactus did put a smile on my face though. Perhaps if I put googly eyes and hats on all my house plants it might do the trick.:o)