Thursday, 26 January 2012

Boring Beige!


My mother gave me these buttons to try on my knitted cardigan.  There are 5 different designs here but I like the idea of the buttons not all being the same and it seems to be a bit of trend these days, whether the difference is in the design or the colour.
There is only one of this design with a sailing ship design that looks like a coin and it's my favourite of the lot.  Prepare yourself now for the sight of the finished cardigan.  I told you I didn't much like it but I'm willing to reveal all if you're prepared to make allowances for my really bad photography skills.

It's not just the lighting that's poor (although it is quite close to the actual colour) but looking at this pic now I've realised that the cardigan would have looked a lot better if I hadn't put it against a colour that was exactly the same as itself!!  Duh! Maybe if  I'd worn it with something bright it would have been an improvement but, as it's a little on the large side for me, I don't think I'd have been doing myself any favours.  I can't see myself wearing it anytime soon so, as far as I can see, my only options are to ask my mother if she'd like it or to put it away until I'm about 80 years old (when it may suit me and may even fit me!!).

What's this - my newly finished scarf trying it's best to brighten up the cardy?  What a struggle though; it's rather having the opposite effect and making the scarf look more muted than it really is.  Lesson learned!  Put more time and thought into my photographs!

This zipped pouch is actually quite nice in reality but the dullness seems to have spread here too.  Who's idea was it to photograph a yellow pouch against a yellow wall with bananas in the background, for goodness sake?!!  I'm sheepishly raising my index finger in the air in answer.  Actually, it wasn't a conscious decision, which is wherein the problem lies.

Look inside!  There's a surprise stripy lining.  I'm pleased with the way this turned out.  I decided to cover the ends of the zip before making up the pouch and it went together quite well.  I'll try a few more like this to ensure it wasn't a fluke!

A bit of non-stitchy stuff now.  DD is off on holiday to Florida with her boyfriend, and my sister and her family, on Sunday.  As it's her 26th birthday while she's away we're going out for a meal together on Saturday evening.  DS won't be joining us but there's a good reason for this - he'll be cooking the meal as he's covering for the chef's holiday again.  It's become clearer to me since he last stood in there how much trust they are putting in him. The establishment is 2nd in the county for good ratings on Trip Adviser!!

Now for the round up since last time.  I realise I've said it all already but I'll stick to the same format as previous posts as a summary:

Knitted cardigan - buttons added (even though I jumped the gun and said I'd finished it previously)
Knitted purple scarf - finished apart from darning in ends (this was the third incarnation of this scarf)
Yellow zipped pouch - finished, made from recycled materials apart from the checked fabric
Teensy weensy pin-cushion - to be stuffed

In planning stage - 2 more zipped pouches and one tote bag.

Bye for now
Teresa x


Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

Hello: I love your buttons.
Your pouch is very pretty and made right.I will like if you took some more photos of them outside over the grass or in front of white wall.The zipp pouch is perfect.
Best wishes !!!

hausfrau said...

Well done for completeing the cardigan regardless, I tend to fail to finish if I decide I don't like something! It looks as if it ought to be cosy, and I'd have said classic rather than old ladyish - perhaps a scarf in a more complimentary colour.. something autumnal?
I'm very partial to interesting buttons and own a large tin of them, just in case!

A Time for Stitching said...

Thank you Marivel. I agree with you about taking photos outside but the problem is, if I have free time on the weekend I sew, and during the week I leave for work and get home in the dark so it's not good for taking decent photos :-(

The good news though is that the days are getting longer so I will be able to take more photos in daylight :-)
Teresa x

A Time for Stitching said...

Thank you hausfrau - I agree it's a classic design. It looked much nicer in the pattern book though.

It's always useful to have a large tin of buttons in case of emergencies (or just to run your fingers through)!!
Teresa x

Linnhe Mara said...

I think you are being too hard Theresa. The cardigan is classic, nay, timeless and in an ever popular neutral shade that will go with anything. I love the pockets in the rib,

Photography is a hard skill to master. I envy those who have it, or the computer skills to make up for it if they don't. Unfortunately I have neither so pray for longer days and less rain!

Highland Monkey's said...

Come on now it's not that bad! How about adding a belt and a really jazzy necklace or a big funky brooch. Beige goes with anything I think.

wayside wanderer said...

Your post is funny, but I agree, you are being too hard on yourself. I have really been drawn to muted beiges and browns which are colors I have never worn before but am now. Your pouch is cute and you can never have too many scarves and purple is a favorite.