Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The End of the Show!

Me and My Girl is now over!  It's a strange feeling knowing I won't have to sing any of those songs again.  I really had a fantastic time doing it.  Surprisingly, I wasn't at all nervous which I put down to a few things; I knew what I was doing; I couldn't see the audience; I was too busy concentrating on singing, moving and acting at the same time to worry.

 The final performance was an amazing experience with the biggest attendance the society has ever had.  The audience became more and more responsive and enthusiastic as the 'run' went on.  At the very end they were clapping and cheering, whistling and singing along.  Those of my friends and family who came to see it told me they loved it (even the bits that weren't meant to be funny, but were - if you know what I mean!).   OH bought me these pretty tulips on the last day to wish me luck. 

At the after-show party we were informed that we'd had a royal visitor in the audience on the Thursday night.  It seems she's a friend/acquaintance of one of the performers. 

OH asked me if we were actually saying anything to each other in the scenes where the chorus were standing behind the main action pretending to be at a party.  The answer is yes and no!  We would sometimes quietly say things in character like, "How lovely to see you!", "What a lovely dress!" or "Isn't this a wonderful party!"; other times it would be things like, "I can't think of anything else to say!" or "We shouldn't have come on so soon!"  while nodding and smiling.  Then there were those who would move their mouths but make no noise, I'm convinced, from my attempt at lip-reading, that one woman was saying 58, 59, 60, 61....etc.

I'm still progressing slowly with the crafting and have at least a million ideas lined up in my head for future projects.  My subscription to Popular Patchwork runs out this month and I'm not planning on renewing it but was pleased to see that my final issue is a Bag Special.  There are some great patterns in it and I plan to use one for the bag I've been intending to make for the friend who gave me lots of materials.  The book Make and Mend also arrived in the post the same day.  I didn't buy it so it must be a competition win or giveaway.  There was no clue in the package!

Progress since last time:

Knitted cowl finished - (see above) actually, I ran out of yarn or I would have made it a bit longer.  I used the left-over yarn from the Boring Beige Cardigan.

7 Zipped pouches - the last 2 are almost finished.  (I had to take apart the doggy one because the zip was faulty!)

Bye for now
Teresa x


Linnhe Mara said...

So glad the show went well for you. Now that you've whetted your appetite will there be more treading of the boards in future?

Pity about the doggy purse. I hate it when a fault only becomes apparent when you've finished the blasted thing. Hope the others were less frustrating.

wayside wanderer said...

Oh what fun! I am glad your musical was such a good experience. You really do a lot of fun things in your spare time. And the tulips are beautiful!!!

Very Berry Handmade said...

Congrats are your successful stage run..! Your cowl looks v. sophisticated...

Little Green Doll said...

Congratulations for the Show!!! Glad to know that it was a success!! The wonderful tulips brought you luck :) Silvia x