Thursday, 12 April 2012

It's Showtime (almost)!

(Jess - if you don't want to see my costumes before the show stop reading now!!)

I'd like to introduce you to Zipped Purse number 4.  I don't have much fabric suitable for children.  I'm hoping the purses will be suitable but will give my friend the chance to reject any she thinks aren't.  The little dogs were on a small scrap of fabric and are surrounded by a border that matches the checked fabric so I cut them out and appliqued them on.  And I used a red similar to the dogs' background for lining and to end the zip.
I'm trying to add a different embellishment to each purse.  I found a tiny button that sort of echoes the ladybirds in this fabric and attached a ribbon bow with it.  Number 6 is cut out so I won't be too much longer on these.


 Rehearsals are stepping up a notch for 'Me and My Girl'.  Last night we held our first rehearsal in the actual venue.  Seeing the stage and all the seating brought home to me what I'm actually doing!!!!

I roped OH in to take photos of me in the garden in my costumes on the weekend.

 Above left is my costume for the opening scene.  All these items I've borrowed from what was available from the items lent to our society.  I added a piece of elastic to the inside of the skirt waistband just to add a little extra security!  The skirt did stay up but was a bit loose and I didn't have complete confidence in it's ability to stay where it should.  I think a hat would complete this outfit but it will have to do.

On the right is my servants outfit for my next 2 scenes including The Lambeth Walk.  The blouse is from the same place as the other outfit, as is the head-piece, which is actually half of a choirboy's neck ruffle (I'm sure it must have a proper name)!  The skirt is my mother's and the apron came from my great-aunt's so is probably a genuine item from the actual era of the show!

 Here, on the left, is my outfit for The Sun Has Got His Hat On.  I don't think it looks very 1930's so I'm hoping someone can help me out when I take it in tonight.  The skirt was borrowed from the same stash as above and the top is one that I machine-knitted for my mother many years ago.

 Last is the outfit for The Hunt Ball and Finale.  The dress is my own, the gloves and the headpiece (a band with black and red feathers) are more borrowed items.  The little top I got from a charity shop the other week.  It's a lovely red cashmere cropped cardigan.  The shame is, I have to cut the arms short to accommodate the gloves.  I tried pulling them up but it's too bulky. 

So there you have it.  I haven't seen any of the other costumes so have no idea how they compare.  I suspect we'll look a right mish-mash between us!   One thing I must remember during the show is to SMILE when appropriate.  It'll have to be a really conscious effort though, because I thought I WAS smiling in these photos and they're dreadful!  Why do you think I kept them small?  I even had to resort to cutting my head off in one case!!

Progress since last time:

2 more of 7 zipped purses finished - 2 to go.
Knitted cowl - on the home stretch.

Since we've got rehearsals tonight and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, then start performing on Wednesday until Saturday, I don't expect to get much done during the next week.  I wonder how much time I'll have between scenes, maybe I could take some knitting (so long as I don't miss my cue).

Bye for now
Teresa x


Highland Monkey's said...

Wow that's a lot of costume changes! Good job you didn't have to buy anything new and could source them from stash, c.shops.Hope all goes well and you are a resounding success.
The cases are great with those little dogs

Linnhe Mara said...

The little dogs are so cute, what kid wouldn't love them? I'm sure your friend will take them all.

I think the top you machine knitted looks the part. Very Audrey Hepburn! How about teaming it with wide leg trousers instead of a skirt?

Hate to tell you but although you've kept the pictures small on your blog I can see them full size if I click on them :o)

I'm not supposed to wish you luck am I so 'Break a leg!'

wayside wanderer said...

Very creative costumes! They look great and you get to have so many different looks that I think that must be fun. I hope you "break a leg" and have a wonderful time doing it!

freerangegirl said...

Great costumes - you're very talented. I just started machine sewing this year and its so addictive!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...


Very Berry Handmade said...

All the very best with the show Teresa. You'll be so busy swapping outfits you wont have time to get nervous during the performance. They are great outfits, I especially like the last one - you look fab (even headless!!).