Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Three Peaks and a Dog!

Last Thursday was my birthday (half-century minus one, if you're interested).  At work, my boss gathered everyone together to say Happy Birthday (no singing - they were mostly men standing around awkwardly like spare parts, a couple of whom I'd never met before and were just visiting), give me a round of applause? and present me with a card and cake.  It was a lovely chocolate cake which I had to distribute (as per the office custom) to the waiting gannets colleagues.

When I returned home the family were all waiting for me with flowers and cards and 2 more cakes?  And I was happy when they agreed to join OH and me for a meal at an Italian restaurant. 
As I was driving home from a 'Me and My Girl' rehearsal in the dark last week I noticed that the horizon looked different and seemed to be glowing.  I realised when I got nearer home that what I could see was the mountain on fire!! 
Photo taken Oct last year
The fire was on the ridge of the mountain (The Blorenge) in the far left of the above picture and was spread quite a way across. There've been lots of fires in the area over the last few weeks as a result of all the dry, warm weather we've had.  There's no hint of warm weather today - I've just been out for lunch and it's about 2 degrees and blowing an arctic gale!!!  March was more like June and April has started off like November - What's going on?!!!

The picture above was taken near the top of The Skirrid Mountain on Sunday (when it was still warm and sunny).  The Skirrid is the one on the far right of the October picture. In the distance on the right above is The Blorenge that was on fire.

I couldn't remember if I'd ever climbed The Skirrid before, until I got to this point.  Then I remembered sheltering from howling wind and rain behind these rocks to eat a picnic years ago. I think I must have been in my early teens because I remember certain friends of my mother being with us with their dog.

Talking of dogs - this little cutie is how we came to be here that day.  Friends are looking after her for the week and we went with them to take her for a walk.  I tried to get a cute picture like DD does, with the dog looking up at the camera, but she wouldn't keep still for a second!  She's only still here because she's watching the next group of people approaching.

OH put her on the summit marker for a photo shoot. There was no way she could avoid the photo on there. Under her body the summit of The Sugar Loaf is visible which is the middle mountain in the October photo. 

So, by now you should have quite a clear picture of the whole of this area :-)
It was good to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise.  I'm afraid getting any kind of exercise has completely gone by the wayside in the last few weeks, but a walk in the countryside is much better than any gym session as far as I'm concerned!

DD was laughing at me the other day when I asked her if she'd seen my latest blog post.  She said this blog was supposed to be about sewing but there was never any on here.  She didn't mind because she likes reading the other stuff and finds the sewing posts boring!  Despite that, she's right!  Hopefully, the balance will shift one day and the crafting posts will out-number the rest.  I don't know what keeps the rest of you reading but I hope I don't lose any followers if/when that day comes.  You're all very good to keep popping in to read my random ramblings.

Crafting progress since last time (which is quite a long time but it doesn't show!)
  • Knitted cowl - a few more rows knitted
  • 7 Zipped Purses - 2 more cut out 
  • Quilt-as-you-go-quilt - 1 more block quilted (4 left to do out of 25ish)
  • Bag for work friend - looked through my books but couldn't find one to make that I liked.  Also, the friend has left work unexpectedly and lives about 2 hours drive away!  Will still make the bag but will post it or visit and take it.
The "To Do" list is pretty much the same as last time, which is to finish the above, but with the Easter Bank Holidays coming up I should be able to make a little progress. 

The week after that I will officially call "Mad Rehearsal and Performance Week" in honour of "Me and My Girl".  Oh! My! Goodness! We open 2 weeks today!!!! Costumes - check. Words - check. Moves - check-ish!   Confidence...........?

Bye for now
Teresa x

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