Friday, 17 August 2012


I haven't any finished items to show but there's been plenty of preparation going on. While waiting for the interfacing to be delivered for the Engagement Party Banner, I got on with a few other WIPs.   

  I dug out myTag Square Bee Quilt blocks and laid them out to decide how to go about putting them together.  I've said before that I wish I'd been more specific than asking for Autumn colours but I don't think I'd have received very different blocks if I'd asked for an orange/brown/green combination either. A couple of the blocks were a little on the small side (were supposed to be 12.5").
 It would have been fiddly to increase the smaller blocks so I trimmed them all down to 12".  Next job will be to cut all the sashing pieces and start putting it together.  It'll be the first time I've tackled a 'proper', traditionally sashed quilt and, from what I understand, I have to cut the pieces to the correct size and make the blocks fit the sashing otherwise it won't be 'square'.  But this has been put aside now the interfacing has arrived for the banner, which needs to be finished by the 25th.

I also managed to get a pile of hexagons ready to add to the long-term project hexie quilt while waiting. 
Banner preparations have begun.  Thirty 6" letters printed and cut out.  The banner fabric has been hemmed and the letters have been traced onto the interfacing.  Luckily I remembered after only the first letter that I should be tracing them upsidedown, so they will be correct on the finished banner.  Now, all that's left to do is iron the letters onto the fabric, cut them out and iron onto the banner.  I say 'all' but I think it's going to be quite time-consuming arranging the letters to get them lined up. 

Talking of preparations, rehearsals are continuing with my musical theatre group for Trial by Jury.  We've got 3 more songs to learn for the first-half prequel, written by one of our members (the prequel not the songs!).  The songs, chosen from other Glbert & Sullivan works to fit the story, are VERY high-pitched but I'm beginning to get the hang of them.  We'll be taking the show to 4 local villages/towns in October to promote our group and raise money for the main show next April.

The date of the local, annual raft race is fast approaching and OH met up with the OHs of the rest of our friends to sort out what they're doing.  I believe they're still calling themselves The Raglan Wrinklies but are going to have an Olympic Games themed raft.   

Bye for now
Teresa x


wayside wanderer said...

The Raglan Wrinklies..that is funny. The races look like a fun time. Sounds like you have lots going on as usual.

Very Berry Handmade said...

Remembering to trace things the wrong way round is always tricky! You seem to have loads on as ever... enjoy them all!

Highland Monkey's said...

Gosh, you have been busy. How exciting being in a show. I would be soooo nervous! Banner is coming along splendidly, and the patchwork looks like it will be great when it's pieced together. I think the Raglan Wrinklies is such a good name!