Monday, 22 October 2012

A Productive Week!

 A productive week!! This is the first time I've been able to say that for quite some time.  After adding buttons to my 4 pincushions from last week I turned my attention to zipped bags, and more precisely to the actual zips.  Unwanted, second-hand or recycled zips are more difficult to come by than fabrics so, with limited choice, the idea has to start with the zip, adding matching/complimentary fabrics comes next.

 Bag No 1's starting point was a black zip.  I used this fabric to make myself a little purse a few weeks ago but have remembered in the meantime that it came to me in a lovely parcel of scraps from Ali of Very Berry Handmade after she won a book I gave away.  It's lined in a very small orange polka-dot which you can just see on the tab poking out to the left.

No 2 and 3 as you can see are pencil-case style. I've only made one in this style before, when I hand sewed the lining in, but I've done some research since and have now got the hang of making these all-in-one. Starting points for these: the blue and cream zips.  The blue flower fabric is from a furnishing sample book, the apple fabric is one I bought before I 'saw the light' (it's nice though isn't it - snigger).

No 4 starting point is a jade-y green zip.  The outer fabric is from an unwanted skirt and, as it's not furnishing weight like the rest, I interfaced it first.

The lining and tab are from a cut-up charity shop blouse.  By the way - there's no standard size to any of these bags.  It all depends on length of zip or size of fabric scraps (or both!).

Finally: No 5 is my favourite. A pink zip to start (not usually at the top of my colour choice list), off-cut of furnishing fabric (can't remember where from) and.....
.... a pretty, pink, flowery lining from a scrap bought from eBay.  I have enough of both fabrics left to make another of these, just need to find another matching zip and I can make one for myself!!

All of these bags were made using the same basic method, using hints and tips from various books and tutorials on the web.  I would, however, like to single out 'Annie get your glue gun' for this tutorial where she demonstrates a new-to-me way of attaching the fabrics to the zip that is straightforward, quick and neat.

Just to finish off, here's my porch window view in Autumn.  This plant is starting to obliterate everything - but I don't mind, it's the plant I was photographing for it's vibrant Autumn colour.  The photo doesn't do it justice.

Progress since last time:

Five zipped bags - finished/completed/finalised/done (get the message?)
Knitted lampshade - almost done (whether all will be revealed depends on the final result!)
Baby quilt - started (the answer to any question you may now be thinking is 'no, No, and definitely NO!), it's to sell
Linen/cotton, blue/white cushion - started.

Bye for now
Teresa x


Linnhe Mara said...

Wow! You have been busy. Looks like you're well prepared for any craft fair that comes your way.

I love the boxy shape of your zipped bags, so much more professional looking somehow. I bet they fly off your stall. Well done on matching all of you zips to fabrics. Great combinations all of them.

wayside wanderer said...

Cute bags! I really like their shape. And what a beautiful plant! Reminds me of the color of Japanese Maples. Just when it felt like fall here the temps went back to being HOT.

Little Green Doll said...

You have worked a lot Teresa! Love all your bags. The fabrics are very nice, I love specially Nº4. What a wonderful view you have from your window!! This Autumn reddish colour is so beautiful! Silvia x