Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Trial is Over!

Two local ladies held a handmade crafters fair in the local scout hall recently.  When the notice came through the door to publicise it I was pleased that crafters from my village were getting together to organise something like this.  At the same time, I was a bit envious not to be part of it.

I went along on the day to support them and bought a couple of bits.  The Christmas themed chocs above are from Holly Pop Cakes who, as the name suggests, specialises in Pop Cakes but also makes characterful dolls under the name Lula Dolls.

These lovely earrings are from Elsie Rag Bag who mainly concentrates on making household furnishings and accessories with jewellery as a side-line.

I had a nice chat with the ladies and tentatively asked if they would mind me having a stall if they held another event. They agreed straightaway and told me their next event would be towards the end of October.  I didn't expect it to be so soon and began to panic a little that I wouldn't be able to get enough items together.  I'll see how I get on but at least the opportunity is there, if I get my act together.

At home I gathered together all that I've made so far and made a note of other things I could make, if I have time.  To start with, I made a few small, quick items (the pin cushions above).  They still need to have centre buttons added before they're finished.  I hope to get a few zipped pouches made next if I can find enough suitable zips in my stash.

My music theatre group's run of Trial by Jury is now over with our fourth and last performance being last night.  All the audiences seemed to enjoy it as much as we enjoyed performing it.  It was challenging putting it on in my church because the 'stage' area so was small and we were a bit crowded together.  Son K took a few photos for me but as I was near the back, I don't feature in them much.  However, one group member's husband recorded the final performance (I haven't got around to watching the recording of Me and My Girl that we put on in April yet - I always seem to have something better to do for some reason!!). In the photo above you can just see the top of my head over the shoulder of the barrister with a book under his arm. :-)

Progress since last time:

Pin cushions above - now finished with buttons added.
Trying my hand at a knitted lampshade after my auntie gave me a few frames. 
Have picked out fabrics and zips for pouches.

Bye for now
Teresa x


hausfrau said...

Well set your mind to making stuff: we're not listening to 'there isn't time'! Go for it!

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, the crafter's fair is perfect for you! I hope it is a great success. You need some type of business card. :)

Linnhe Mara said...

Go for it Theresa, I'm sure you have more than enough to make your stall look inviting.
Liking the sound of the knitted lampshade. Look forward to seeing it.

Highland Monkey's said...

Well done on getting a stall. I agree with the above comment get some cards or leaflets to advertise yourself and what you do.