Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Real Test - or was it!?

Here is my second foray into the world of craft fairs.  This time a much bigger event.  I thought it would be more of a true test of my crafts, but fewer potential customers than expected meant low sales in general (in my case, none at all, unless you count the £2 purse bought by my mum, out of pity!) Mum also bought another purse from me at home the day before  to donate to a raffle.  So, taking all this into account and the table fee, I made a grand total of minus £4.50!!!  There were lots of raffle prizes at the fair so, having bought a ticket, I hoped to take one home as a sort of consolation prize.  But it was not to be.  I did take home a prize but it was not mine.  You might have guessed - it was won by my mum!

On the bright side, I had lots of nice comments about my items and I wasn't the only one not selling.

Having no Christmas themed items on my stall, I took the opportunity, when making a tree decoration for my quilting group next week, to remedy this.  I made this little quilted stocking then, while on a roll, went on to make a few more for the stall.  All I have to do now is find another craft fair and book myself a table.

My latest creative urge came in the form of a paper project.  More on that next time. 

Progress since last time:

More brooches.
Nests of map boxes.
Christmas Tree Stockings.

Bye for now
Teresa x


Linnhe Mara said...

Sorry to hear about your lack of sales. I think everyone is feeling the pinch and it's been my experience in the last few years that craft fairs are beginning to suffer. Footfall can never be guaranteed, and even when it is good there is no further guarantee that attendees will have money to spend.
Don't feel too disheartened. Work on the law of averages. For every poor event there is bound to be a tremendous one to offset it. Wishing you better luck on your next foray.

Oh, I almost forgot, the stocking is adorable : )

hausfrau said...

Sorry to hear the craft fair didn't go well. I guess you have to keep going and hope for a better turn out at the next one. What did other people succeed in selling and why? - says she who hasn't taken the risk!

Natalie Jones said...

Don't be disheartened! You've got to be in it to win it as they say so keep at it and by next year, you'll have lots of christmas themed items to sell!

wayside wanderer said...

Oh, I am sorry to hear this. I wonder what the secret to a successful craft show is? I read a quote today about creative endeavors and how they should be more about the process and what they do for us, than what we might be contributing to the world at large. I liked that perspective. Cute stocking!

Little Green Doll said...

Oh, I'm sorry to read this, but I'm sure you'll be more successful in your next one. Your stall looked nice. Beautiful Christmas stocking! have a nice week!