Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Couple of Connected Hitches!

No, I'm not refering to a new type of knot!  Blogger told me recently I had reached my 1Gb photo limit in Picassa and that I would have to pay to increase it.  It put me in a bit of a quandry for a while; did I continue without photos, pay for more space or give up this blog (none of which appealled to me)!  There was one other option - delete some older, unused photos and hope the free limit is increased again soon, or I will have to seriously consider paying for more space.  So that is what I've done for now!

A few days later, I was taking pics of the map boxes when I dropped my camera.  The lens was out at the time and it bent and broke, so although the power still turned on, I was unable to use it anymore!

So, there I was, back with the same dilemma but for a different reason.  It did, however, solve a problem for OH.  The problem of what to get me for Christmas!!  A couple of days later he came home with an updated version of my broken camera and normal service was resumed. Well........ he couldn't wait until the big day when my need was so urgent.

Now, I'm able to show you the random items I've finished recently that you haven't seen yet. Top pic is a selection of felt and fabric brooches.  Next are the map boxes mentioned last time.  They are actually sets of 3 tucked inside each other, with the largest being about 4" square.  The odd yellow one is made from handmade paper a friend brought from abroad and didn't want any more.

This is the little bag made from a pair of child's jeans with a belt handle.  The purple crocheted/knitted bag had two previous incarnations as scarves but never really worked like that, so this is it's final re-form.

Finally, here's a big pile of potential given to me by my auntie (next-door-but-one) who used to make soft furnishings, and has lots more where this came from.  I had a great time going through it all and sorting it into piles. It took much longer that it should have as my mind whirred with what I could make.

Progress since last time:

More map boxes cut and glued
Purple bag finished
Christmas present started.

There'll be only one handmade gift made this Christmas (unless someone buys something I've already  made) and I'm not going to reveal it until after it's been received (I won't make that mistake again!)

Bye for now
Teresa x


hausfrau said...

What a busy bee you are; I love a pile of fabric!

wayside wanderer said...

Hmmm...maybe I should "drop" my camera. Your new camera takes really nice photos. I like seeing all your projects and I always like seeing what I can behind them, too. :) I only use Picasa for making my header. I just upload strait from my computer. Does blogger not give you that option? I used to have to use a host site, but blogger changed it so I don't have to a few years ago. Maybe living in different countries has something to do with it? Glad you are not giving up blogging. :

Little Green Doll said...

Hi Teresa! I've found more people with your problem of the photo limit. I think the solution is to reduce the photos before uploading them, because they weight too much.
Love these brooches!
Silvia x

Linnhe Mara said...

Like wayside wanderer I upload straight from my computer and always have my camera at the lowest resolution setting when taking shots for my blog ( I'd love to say that was my idea but I'm honest enough to admit to such limited technical knowledge that I had to have the number of pixels and the difference it made when up/downloading pointed out to me ... Duh! )

Your fabric stash has me turning a rather uncomplimentary shade of green. Looking forward to seeing your makes with it.