Friday, 5 April 2013

"600 Months (and 1 Week)!....

......or 18,262 days, 438,288 hours, 26,297,280 minutes, but hey, who's counting" (as my son put in my card).  That's how old I am today!! Some of these numbers don't seem big enough to equal 50 years!

My daughter made me these delicious cup cakes.

I received lots of beautiful flowers from family.....

 .....and friends.

 I'll need to get advice on keeping this alive.  Any tips will be gratefully received.

OH, daughter and fianc√© and I spent part of the day at Caerleon. Despite living only 20 minutes away from these Roman ruins, I've never been to see them.  We saw the amphitheatre (above), the museum and the Roman baths.  It was absolutely freezing, but the sun was out and apart from the amphitheatre, the rest of the attractions were indoors.  After a pub lunch we headed home for more cards and prezzies (including a subscription to Craftseller magazine, and vouchers for a wool shop and afternoon tea for 2) before a group of 16 friends and family headed out for a meal in the evening.

Back with more crafting next time!

Bye for now
Teresa x


Natalie Jones said...

Happy birthday! I can't offer tips on plants as I kill everything that tries to grow in my house

wayside wanderer said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Beautiful flowers and what a wonderful time of year to celebrate a birth. Many blessings!

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Happy Birthday Teresa!! Glad to know that you had a wonderful day! A tip for the orchid I can tell you is lots of sun, I have one since october and it has even bloomed!