Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Oh Blow!

I'd like to show you pictures of my costumes for Anything Goes, like I did last year for Me and My Girl but, although the show is in a few weeks, I don't know what I'm wearing yet.  I got a few items together when told what I needed, but apparently they weren't "sexy enough", whatever that means.  One dress that the Society lent me to try on was a bit too revealing and I had to decline the offer. After all, I didn't want to suffer a serious costume malfunction in the middle of Blow, Gabriel, Blow!!  Finally, I was told last week that they've hired all my costumes, so goodness knows what I'll end up with!!

 In the absence of show costumes I've got more crafting photos.  After booking tables at a couple of craft fairs I need to produce a bit more stock, so I got myself into gear and made a few zipped purses.You can just see, at the back, a glimpse of black, patterned fabric, which I intended to be another purse. Sadly, things went irretrievably wrong and it was not to be.

 I tried something different here.  The design is a combination of the purses above, the zip closure of the laptop bag (that I made before Christmas) and tote bag handles.  It also needed a little extra something, so I tried out my machine's blanket stitch to attach the 3 hearts.

 Hexie crocheting was my holiday project.  I managed about 6 when I was away and the rest since we got back.  The pile on the left has been blocked so looks a bit neater.  They're made from an un-run charity shop jumper but I don't know what I will make from them all yet.  Probably a baby blanket.  I'm nearly at the end of the yarn and it won't make anything much bigger than that.

The last time I used a paper dressmaking pattern was probably about 20 years ago, when I made a few things for my children.  Guided by the measurements on this pattern, I'm cutting it out as a size 18!!!  I think I'm erring on the side of caution but it should be possible to make it smaller if necessary.  It seems that dressmaking patterns are made in 'real' sizes. It's an old, second-hand pattern I've had for a while but can't remember where from.

Progress since last time:

4 Zipped Purses
Lots of crochet hexagons
Mini zipped heart bag
Top cut out and marked
Cut out lots more diamonds for tumbling blocks

Bye for now
Teresa x


wayside wanderer said...

Oh my! I am worried about your costume for you, but you have to post a picture! I really like your crochet blocks. I would love to be able to do that and I really like the solid color. You have been busy with your other cute projects, too! I always admire how much you get done.

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Hi Teresa! I hope the costumes aren't too much sexy!!
I love the bag with the 3 hearts, it's very beautiful!
I wish you have a very nice Easter!!
Silvia x

John said...

Wow, that's some talent right there!

Natalie Jones said...

Your bag is gorgeous!