Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Patterns and Plans!

My craft stall at the local village Fun Day, last weekend was not hugely successful in the selling stakes. However, it was a useful day in other ways: such as networking and upping my local profile.

After being given another box of lovely fabric and goodies by my aunt, I was able to run up a quick string of bunting to decorate my stall (will show a stall pic next time).

Also, for the stall, I finished this clutch bag from Michelle patterns. I added a thin strap after taking this picture, because it was awkward to carry without one. This is the first time I've used a pattern when making my bags and, crikey, there were a lot of different bits and pieces! All the stiffening and padding added to the structure of the bag but don't really fit with my upcycling ethos. If I make this style again, I'll try some modifications and alternative materials.

In an effort to appeal to the children who would be at the Fun Day, I made 5 mini shopper bags at the last minute; which was a good decision because I sold 2 of them and had an order for another in a different colour.

I was also given a bag of useful buttons by a local resident and a tip for another craft fair that should be more up my street. 

We live and learn!

It's about time I added some money to the household pot, though, so I've a plan in mind, and I've also been asked to proofread a couple of books that are in the process of being written, so things are looking up!

Bye for now
Teresa x


the wayside wanderer said...

Cute things! Good luck with the proofreading job.

Marivel said...

That's a lovely clutch !!
I adore these fabrics.
What a great gift your aunt gave you.
Have a wonderful day!