Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Festival and Fun Day!

Trying to get giant bubbles through hula hoops
My stall
The Saturday Singers 
Abertillery Orpheus Choir
I was pleased for the organisers of this year's Raglan Festival that the weather was so good. It was important for the relaunch of the Raglan Fun Day to be a success and give them something to build on for the future. Attendance numbers were high and great fun was had for the whole afternoon, starting with the Big Lunch at 1pm, and with bands on the outdoor stage keeping everyone entertained.

On the Sunday, after a community service on the same school playing field and a quick lunch at home, I went to the Beaufort Hotel terrace and spent the afternoon with crowds of others listening to various local entertainers and chatting to friends.

I was chuffed to notice that, as well as having one of my homemade bags with me, one of the Saturdays Singers had her music in one, and the daughter of a friend had hers over her shoulder too. We were joined by my friend's brother whose daughter also had one of my bags. It appears that my bags have a 'look' because my friend said she could recognise them now. Another lady said she'd have to get one because 'everybody's got one'! It was a good afternoon all round!!

Sunday evening's performance in the church of Abertillery Orpheus Male Choir was very popular. It was good to see a few younger members in the choir; probably as a result of the popularity of groups like Only Men Aloud, and choir singing in general being more fashionable. Roll on next year!

Bye for now
Teresa x


Kath said...

your bags are obviously the "in thing" now Teresa!

Leslie aka the wayside wanderer said...

I had to look up what chuffed meant! I am pleased for you, too. It must feel great to see your lovely artistry being sported around town. Congratulations~! I like the picture of you, too. Cute dress!

Marivel said...

Sounds like a pretty fun day! You look like you're ready to sale a lot of your handmade crafts. Have a nice day!

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

You look great in your stall! It must be wonderful to see your creations around :))