Monday, 13 April 2015


Hello folks! Hope you had a good Easter. We had a quiet one at home, with a few hot cross buns and a little chocolate consumed. I enjoyed a lovely, impromptu coffee with friends after a simple, meditative Good Friday service, then a rousing Easter Day service.

An airer full of donated fabric drying.
I am very lucky that lots of lovely friends give me yarn and fabric they no longer want. I usually try to wash fabric before storing it in the shed. This is mainly to make sure any shrinkage happens now, and not after it's been made up into something. When I have lots of bitty-bits, I put them in a duvet cover to wash. They still get a bit tangled but it prevents the washing machine getting clogged with frayed threads.

Along with the lovely, pristine, unused balls of yarn I get from people, or from charity shops, I also un-run jumpers etc to use the yarn. This is a deconstructed jumper after being tied into hanks and washed by hand. These are now dry and rolled into balls waiting to be made into something else.

I finished this longer term project the other day. A crocheted hexagon throw that I've been gradually making at my  2 weekly crafting groups. I had a couple of photos showing more of it but they've disappeared from the laptop. They should still be on the iPad, though, so I'll load them onto my Facebook page in a couple of days (I don't know how to get them on this blog from there without a lot of faffing). This throw was sold and paid for before I'd finished making it, by a lady at one of my groups.

 At home, I'm still on bags. I don't know why, but every piece of fabric I pick up in my shed says 'bag' to me. It's about time they started saying something else. This one,covered with applique flowers cut from another fabric, is my usual boxy style. The main fabric is a sort of strong hessian type. It's lined with a flowery fabric and has an inner zipped pocket.

And this one is a completely new design that I made up in an oddment of plain fabric, to try out before making the 'real thing'. The outer zipped  pocket is also a new thing I tried. It's made from 2 tea towels, a pillow case and a belt. 

I'd like to say I'll have something completely different to show next time, but I have a strong suspicion it may be more bags!

Bye for now
Teresa x

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Marivel said...

Hello,dear Teresa:
Thank you very much for your support.
How lovely that friends gave you fabric and yarn to stay productive. I really love your bags.I love the fabrics,style,combinations.They look perfect for me.
Best wishes,