Thursday, 14 May 2015

Recent finishes!

I was hoping not to have to go out today. The weather is horrible - cold and wet - after we had such a lovely day yesterday. But I have to go to the dentist for a check up, so I have no choice. 

Anyway, I've not been very good at updating my blog lately so I thought I'd get a post done before I go.  

Some of these makes are a couple of weeks old but I feel like I'm getting a really good momentum going with my making at the moment (I have more finished and more on the go to show soon). They are all made with recycled materials and without using copyrighted patterns.

another pic of the hexagon crocheted blanket that I promised last time to show. You cans see here that it's a good size and the hexagons are quite large. You can also just make out the scalloped edging all around.

These little bags, above and below, are child-sized little tote bags.  I'm hoping they might be good sellers at my next craft show.

Finally..........waaaaay back in Jan 2013 I had a silly idea to make a whole quilt by hand. I used a quilt in a picture from Country Living as inspiration and got to work. I wrote this post about it at the time. Well, I finished it last month, and here it is.

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaa!

In a phrase very similar to a quote from Lilo and Stitch - "This is my quilt, it's smallish, and it's not pretty, but it's good. Yeah, still good".

Off to the dentist now - wish me luck (I'm sure all will be fine - it usually is).

Bye for now
Teresa x


Scarlet said...

Hope the visit to the dentist was painfree.
I love the little girls' tote bags, and the quilt is fabulous! I have had a frustrating afternoon's sewing, but tomoorw is another day!

Marlene jones said...

Brilliant stitching and crochet, your bags should sell well.

Leslie said...

Hope the dentist visit went well. Love your new things and glad you are keeping busy doing what you love. - Leslie

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Congratulations for your quilt! Beautiful work!
Love the bags too!
Silvia x