Friday, 21 August 2015

Stories from my Makes

The more eagle-eyed readers will recognise these makes from previous posts. After I've sold an item I don't just forget about it when I'm working on something new. I'm always pleased to hear how it's being used in it's new home or, best of all, see it in action. So, as well as my makes having a 'past' story, based on the various places the materials came from, they also have a 'present' story. And, hopefully, a long and full future.

When I sold the pink baby quilt, the customer told me it was destined for the first baby girl to born in their family for 50 years. It was a great honour that they thought my humble quilt suitable for such a momentous occasion in their family.

The blue quilt was bought by a friend for a friend of her's baby boy. She reported back to me later how her friend loved the quilt and would lay the baby on it, noting his position on the design so she would know if he'd moved when she looked at him again. That she thought enough about it to pass on the story was quite special.

Another friend asked me to make the purple bag for her step-daughter when her previous one wore out. I see her around and about quite a lot and she, more often than not, has the bag over her shoulder. It's so lovely to see that she likes it and that it gets plenty of use.

Finally, an elderly friend bought the daffodil bag from one of my stalls. I see her quite often and she likes to tell me where she has taken it and how useful it is. Apparently, it's been to Norway on it's travels!

I hope the stories keep coming because it, somehow, makes what I do more meaningful (although I'd still do it even if I didn't hear anything back).

Bye for now
Teresa x


Kath said...

What nice little stories about your creations. I have often given hand made gifts and had no idea where they ended up, although my friend in Pembrokeshire recently carried a lovely shoulder bag to the pub where we had lunch. I said Oh I do like that bag. You made it! she laughed and I had forgotten all about it!

Marlene jones said...

I give some of my stitching away, so I use my blog as a record of my stitching. It's great to look back on my work.