Thursday, 10 September 2015

End of an Era!

I've never known such changes in our village in such a short space of time as are currently happening. The hotel and 2 pubs are all (or have) changed ownership, the senior citizens' sheltered housing block has closed, and the village 'Fun Day' has restarted this year on a grand scale, for the first time since the 1980s. The biggest change, however, has been in relation to the village school.

The school was made up of 2 buildings: the infant school (above) and the junior school. I was one of the first pupils to attend the infants because it was built when I was about 6 years old. I took this photo shortly before it was demolished, ready to make the site into a car park for the new school. The junior school is also closed, but future plans for it are still uncertain. We've had a brand, spanking new school built by the council  (on a site just behind the trees behind this school) and the children have all started there this term.

This is my first class photo at the infants school, where my gran was the school cook; a role that I also took on many years later. I am in the top row, second from the right, with a yellow cardigan on. I can name many of the girls here, but the boys all look the same to me now!

Just before the demolition of the school, a get-together was hastily organised and some past pupils met up to reminisce and look at old photos.A few of the people in the class photo are here (amongst some from other classes), including one of the teachers (the lady in the middle with the white handbag). In this pic, I am in the front with a light jacket and black trousers). I haven't changed much, have I.......!!??

Bye for now
Teresa x


Marivel said...

Hello,beautiful: For my ice cream I blended 2 cups of frozen bananas and 2 cups of frozen mangoes. Dairy free.Sugar free. It is delicious!!
Thanks for asking. Have a wonderful day.

A Time for Stitching said...

Thank you Marivel. I will definitely give it a try. Yum!
Teresa x